The Romance Convention

21 Aug

We spent the weekend in Dallas at The Romance Convention, the first one put on by Siren Bookstrand. It was really fun for a lot of reasons.

First, we got to meet a bunch of other Siren authors, which was absolutely amazing. I now have a HUGE list of authors that I can’t wait to read, or need to , Cooper McKenzie, Melody Snow Monroe… I need to get another job just to pay for all the books I want to buy!

Second, we got to meet Diana and David DeBalko and hear about the company. It was fascinating and really inspiring to see what success they’re having and what opportunities there are!

It was a great hotel (with fantastic food!) and the conference was run really well, especially considering it was their first. Good job, Siren!

It’s really inspired me to pick up the pace on my writing. We got started on the third Clifftop book on the way home and I’m ready to buckle down and get it written! The whole process is getting easier with each one and I’ve got a lot of new heroes to look to for inspiration.

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