Our Writing Process – by Cassidy Browning

29 Aug

We just started writing our fifth book! (Yay!) And after about one week, we’re over 20,000 words in.

I never would have believed that kind of word count was possible. When we were at The Romance Convention in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, all kinds of authors were saying they wrote a book in anywhere from a week to two months. Now, a week just seems outrageous to me. I can’t even imagine that. Before this, I couldn’t imagine writing a book in eight weeks, either. But now it’s starting to become a possibility.

They say that it takes four or five books to really kind of figure out what you’re doing (and I really hope that’s true!). When I think back to our previous books, I am starting to believe it. The first book took a year and a half to write. In some ways it was easy because I was more or less writing my own experiences. It was kind of autobiographical.

The second book was the hardest. That was where we disagreed the most about how much and what kind of conflict to put in, how the characters were built, and how to arrange the events in the book. That one took about a year. The third one took four months. There were some disagreements in that one, and a little struggle, but we knew we were on the right track then. We wrote the fourth one during a really busy time, when we had all kinds of other things going on. It wasn’t hard to write, and we didn’t have too many arguments during it, but it just took awhile. We also think it was our best book. We had a much better idea of how to structure it,  how much conflict and how much sex to put in, and it had some interesting characters. (It was just accepted by Siren yesterday, by the way, and has a tentative November release date.)

I was beginning to get a little nervous when we finished that one. How were we going to keep coming up with plots? Believable ones? Different personalities? Were we going to start getting stale and repeat the same things over and over again?

Then we started writing the fifth one. I’m finding I can easily write 2,500 words a day and still get other stuff done too. And I’ve seen over and over now how when we start to brainstorm, we come up with some really good ideas. It’s so much fun to sit down not knowing where the story is going, then an hour or so later have a really good direction lined out. We don’t plot them from beginning to end, because our stories are very character-driven and there are always surprises on the way. But if I can go to bed with a good idea of what’s going to happen in the next day’s writing, I get up feeling inspired and energized and don’t have any trouble getting going. So my favorite time of the day now is when we go out to walk the dog and start throwing out ideas. I especially love when Sir says, “Yeah, but what if…” That usually leads to something really good.

So here’s to the fifth book! We think the fourth one, “Falcon’s Fantasy,” is our best one yet, but I’m feeling really good about how the fifth one is going. For a sneak peak, check in later. I’ll be putting up excerpts from Falcon as they go through editing and give teasers about the fifth one (currently being referred to as “Buffy”). Stay tuned!

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