Folsom Street Fair

27 Sep

From Kasi Alexander:

Last weekend was quite an adventure. We flew to San Jose on Wednesday morning, for reasons that will become more evident in a minute. I had made a hotel reservation (using Wyndham reward points) and we’d made plans to meet up with author Robin DeJarnett to hang out in the afternoon. So we got to the hotel and they didn’t have our reservation. Apparently either the rewards website messed up or I did (or both), but our reservation was actually for October, not September. In a panic, we called Robin, who immediately came to our rescue. We found another hotel and then went (after a great lunch at Famous Dave’s Barbecue) to the Winchester Mystery House.

I can’t say the Mystery House (it wasn’t really a mystery, per se, but I’m pretty sure it was haunted) would have been worth the full $30 per person entry fee, but we had two BOGO coupons, so that was worth it. Entertaining but the house felt like a cave to me, big as it was. I was almost claustrophobic in parts.

On Thursday we switched to the hotel that would hold the conference we were attending on Friday and Saturday. We couldn’t stay there on Wednesday night because the non-conference rate was $330. Ouch. We taught two classes (Poly 201 and Starting a Kinky Business) at the conference, so our room was supposed to be free. However, there had been a double booking so we ended up paying for that room too. But the conference was (as always) a lot of fun, with great people and a wonderful hot tub. On Saturday night we switched hotels again, taking a shuttle service up to Folsom Street in San Francisco to be there for Folsom Street Fair on Sunday.

Now, Folsom Street Fair is my absolute favorite event of the year. They close off the streets so there are no children, and anything goes. There are naked people everywhere, great costumes, lots of interesting things to watch. One girl was being pulled around in a cage, naked except for a pig nose and an anal hook (are those as painful as they look? Does anyone know?). And everyone was buying. The weather was a little chilly, but it was a great day.

On Monday we switched hotels yet again, moving down to one by the San Francisco airport. Millbrae is really a pretty town, at least the part we were in. We walked around looking for a FedEx or UPS store to ship back one of our displays and had lunch in a dumpling house. It was very good. Then we took the train back up to Fisherman’s Wharf, went on a taxiboat bay tour and did a little shopping. It was quite chilly but at least it didn’t rain!

We came home on Tuesday. We almost had the opportunity to get bumped–we love that. Between the three of us we can usually make $1000 to use toward future flights. Unfortunately our flight wasn’t overbooked so we couldn’t do it. There were a lot of weird little things with this trip but overall it was pretty fun. It was great hanging out with authors Robin DeJarnett and Killian McRae, as well as our kinky friends in San Jose and San Francisco. Can’t wait for the next time!

One Response to “Folsom Street Fair”

  1. Jennifer Lane September 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    What hotel messiness! I’m jealous you got to meet Robin.

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