People are wonderful if given a chance

14 Nov

I often hear others complaining that people are rude, selfish and uncaring but I have had recent experience illustrating the exact opposite.  Last night I was feeling particularly frustrated and posted a question to one of the author groups I belong to asking for advice on how to improve our books sales. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to think that I am not a complete idiot (others close to me may disagree, lol) and work very hard at marketing our books but just seem to miss the boat somewhere. Anyway, I was flooded with extremely helpful advice from numerous authors within minutes of posting my question.  These are people who do not know me and have no compelling reason to help but without hesitation they did, it really boosted my spirits and provided a wealth of insight into what others are doing. Just to share the high points for any others out there struggling like I am here is a brief list of what I was told.

1. Blog often and then blog again (if you don’t have a blog already there are many options out there for free or low-cost sites such as wordpress, blogger and blogspot to name a few). Make sure you have your book covers prominently displayed with buy links on your site.

2. If you don’t also have a web site, get one. Again there are many free to low-cost options one that was mentioned to me was if I remember correctly.

3. Join some reader groups and be personable not promotional.  Let people get to know you without bombarding them with promotions.  As one author said, friends buy your books and then tell their friends who buy books, or something to that effect.

4. Facebook, twitter, goodreads  and any other social media that you can get on.

5. Make sure people know you are out there by sharing your blog, web page, social media, etc…

6. Stay the path and keep plugging along. Don’t let the set backs keep you from producing additional material.  Even if this book isn’t doing well, keep writing the next one.

All of this is common sense but it is nice to be reminded of it from time to time, I know I appreciated it. Anyway, thank you to all those who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences with me. Good luck with your projects and we will be making this blog a priority so hopefully you will follow along with us and please add your two cents worth.



One Response to “People are wonderful if given a chance”

  1. Rebecca Joyce November 14, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Nicely said Reggie. And good luck! ((HUGS))

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