15 Nov

Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit. When we got the opportunity to go last week (over my birthday) I was very excited. I happened to come across an article about Chihuly Gardens and saw that it was in Seattle, so we went there for my birthday activity.

What a cool place! I’ve seen blown glass demos before and it’s always fascinated me, but this was so far beyond anything I’d imagined before that it just blew me away. The place was filled with huge, beautiful handmade pieces, some seven feet tall or more, almost all designed to look like plants, animals, sea creatures, characters out of Dr. Seuss–everything you can imagine. Here are some of the pictures I took as we went through:

They also had videos of how the glass is made. I wish they’d had them playing in the exhibit area, but we got to watch one at a downtown gallery for a little while. I love seeing those “how it’s done” kind of things and this was absolutely amazing. Really makes you appreciate the people who dedicate their whole lives to getting really good at something. Passion is a wonderful thing, and not just in romance novels!

We also went and wandered around Pike Place Market. It was a cold day but so much fun to see all the handcrafted items and fresh food available. There was a little truffle shop there that was offering free samples of different things made from truffle oil – amazing. And the cheese shops! To die for.

We get to travel quite a bit and I have to say Seattle is about the easiest place to get around in. The train station is really close to the airport (and our hotel) and it’s reasonably priced. I like the way Seattle feels, too–the pine trees and the feel of the ocean nearby. And I have to admit I was watching for vampires to be swinging through the trees, taking advantage of the cloudy weather as we went past! 🙂

I don’t know when or if we’ll get back to Seattle, but I’m really glad we got to go walk around it a little. It’s a beautiful place!

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One Response to “Seattle”

  1. Jennifer Lane November 15, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    The blown glass demos blew you away? Ha ha. I agree that Chihuly is amazing. I still have dried flowers from Pike Place Market–wonderful place. I lived in eastern Washington (Pullman) for a year and had the pleasure of visiting Seattle a few times. It’s gorgeous when it’s sunny.

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