What’s Next

7 Dec

From Cassidy:

We’ve got the first draft of the next Clifftop book done, and we wanted to share a little about it here. If you haven’t read the Clifftop books yet (what are you waiting for???), they all take place in a large house on the northern California coast that has been converted into a BDSM bed and breakfast. It’s run by Allie Walker, Karl Masterson and Brad McCarthy, a polyamorous Master/slave triad. In “The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies,” the second book in the series, Clifftop is overrun by undisciplined rock star Daphne Monroe, who is in dire need of being dominated by someone who knows how to do it! You’ll have to read that one to see who she meets at Clifftop and how he takes her in hand.

Our third book, tentatively called “Double Dom Fantasies,” is in our internal editing process (before we send it to the publisher, Siren). In Double Dom, Clifftop is running their first “BDSM Boot Camp,” a ten-day intensive training session for people who are interested in learning about BDSM and how to play safely. Aside from the two couples who come to participate, you will meet Crash and AJ, football players and best friends who have come because AJ’s on-again, off-again girlfriend has told him she wants “a real man” who knows how to play. While there, they meet Sami Peters, who isn’t quite sure why she’s doing the workshop, but needs something to take her mind off her recent career and man problems and give her a new direction in life.

We’ll be posting excerpts from Double Dom Fantasies as we edit and as it (hopefully!) goes through Siren’s editing process, to get you intrigued by the characters and the story. We think this is our most humorous book yet–please feel free to send feedback on this and all of our books to let us know what we’re doing well and what we need to improve on! We are ALWAYS happy to hear from readers and discuss both the lifestyle and our stories.

A special thanks to Rebecca Joyce, who has let us ramble on all week on her blog (www.rebeccajoyce35.blogspot.com) about BDSM and our own family structure. It’s been wonderful to see the interest she’s generating and to actually be able to answer questions. Helping to educate people and to increase public awareness and acceptance of alternative lifestyles is what we’re passionate about and what we work for!


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