Excerpt from The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies

10 Dec

From page 45:

“Daphne snuggled up closer to Finn, pressing into his thigh and laying her head on his knee. She thought she heard him make a strangled noise and shift, pressing himself against her back. But then, just as quickly the pressure was gone, making her doubt it had happened at all. His hand, which had stilled, again began to stroke her hair, and she ridiculously began to get aroused. “Silly,” she muttered to herself. She didn’t know if the arousal was from being between Finn’s legs, seeing allie naked and tied up in a way that suggested future sexual activity, or the sight of Karl in his leather pants, boots, and vest. It could have been any or all of those things.

Karl bent down and retrieved something from the duffle bag on the floor, which he then handed to liege. It looked like liege began putting something on each of his fingertips as Karl removed a large, wicked-looking knife from the seemingly endless supply of things in the bag at his feet.”

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