Amorous Avenue

7 Jan

By Kasi –

We were incredibly honored to be chosen to participate in RomCon’s Amorous Avenue BDSM-a-thon for the month of January. Along with Jenna Jacob and Angel Payne (both outstanding BDSM authors – I highly recommend them!), we’ve been answering questions, posting excerpts, and discussing different aspects of BDSM. HUGE kudos to Jennifer Zane for taking on this enormous project! I can’t wait to see what she’s got planned for the rest of the year!

Anyway, I am developing a great respect for Jenna Jacob and Angel Payne, not only for their outstanding books but also for their knowledge of BDSM and their thoughtful and (okay, I’ll go there) kind-of profound insights on the topics we’ve discussed so far. I can’t wait to meet them both at RomCon this year – as well as get to see Jennifer Zane again! We got to meet her last year and she was a lot of fun. Her books have been winning awards, I believe, and are at the top of my TBR pile. I’m chomping at the bit to get to them.

So – this is your chance to get some questions and suggestions to us to pass along. What would you like to see discussed during the BDSM-a-thon? Are there types of play you’re curious about? Aspects of D/s? Questions about some of our books/characters/neuroses? This is our chance too, to introduce ourselves to people who haven’t read us yet, so we’re up for just about any topic! We wouldn’t be authors (probably) if we weren’t willing to open ourselves to this kind of discussion. Check it out at!

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