9 Jan

We got our edits back last week for the third book in the BDSM Menage Fantasies series from Siren. The book is (probably) called Double Dom Fantasies and is about a woman, Sami Peters, who is trying to recover from the loss of her relationship, career and self-esteem. She finds herself at the first-ever BDSM Boot Camp at Clifftop Fantasies, paired up with two gorgeous hunks named AJ and Crash.

Our edits are usually pretty easy to get through. We go through the manuscript several times, with several fine-tooth combs, to make sure it’s fairly clean.

The editor threw us a bit of a curve ball, though, with her statement that our “rug pull” scene was not quite believable. It took us several days of hashing through the possibilities, rewriting a few scenes, and arguing (just a bit) about how it should be fixed.

But I think we ended up with a better story. We haven’t heard the editor’s assessments of our changes yet (fingers crossed!), but I’m a little happier with it. AJ and Crash were the most fun I’ve had with characters so far in my writing. They didn’t give me the plot for the story (as the main characters did for Reggie in Falcon), but their personalities and foibles were really clear to me. I can’t wait to hear feedback on this one!

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