Author Spotlight – Nicole Morgan

14 Jan

Our first author spotlight is today. With us we have the very talented Nicole Morgan. Thanks for joining us, Nicole! We’re really happy to have you here today and we send best wishes on your book Impetuous. We saw that it hit #30 over the weekend (yay!). Congratulations! We’re sure it’ll go to number one!

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About Impetuous:

The Callaway Corporation recently bought the high-end resort property Jenny Jacobson manages. In that time, they have micromanaged both her and it into the ground. With no budget for repairs she does most of the work herself. She proves to be pretty handy with most of the daily mishaps, until she meets the mysterious drifter, Thomas Beck.

In the middle of a plumbing emergency, Beck comes to her rescue and fixes the problem, saving her from further disaster and costly repairs. Despite her best attempts, she cannot seem to get away from this man who shows up at every turn.

Regardless of her cold treatment toward him, he turns on his charms. Will his cocky arrogance mixed with his sexy smile break down her tough exterior? If so, what secrets is Beck keeping that could ultimately ruin any chance they have to find happiness together?

About Nicole:

Nicole Morgan is a multi-published author of erotic romantic novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with a good old-fashioned whodunit. While she’s written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel (which turned into a four book series) about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

In additional to her books, Nicole also has a recurring column called, “Sex and the Single Woman” in BT Showcase’s online eMagazine. Also, she has recently partnered up with three of her author friends and became Four Seduced Muses, a blog dedicated to the steamier side of romance.

Nicole’s website:

Nicole’s blog:

Our interview with Nicole:

What genre(s) do you write and why?

I write Erotic Romance because I love it, but most of my stories have a suspenseful back story to them, or at least a twist that the reader didn’t see coming. I love to have surprise elements and keep people on the edge of their seats!

What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?

The last book I read was Powerful Peace – A Navy SEALs Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War. It was written by a friend of mine, J. Robert DuBois and is not even close to the genre that I write in, but it will go down in history as one of the best books I’ve ever read. And I’ve read A LOT!

Where did you grow up and how does it affect your worldview?

I grew up in Colorado, and while I hate the dry weather, I’ve learned as I travel that there is nothing quite as beautiful as our state. We have mountains, rivers, streams. They don’t call it Colorful Colorado for nothing. If anyone hasn’t been here, I highly recommend visiting. It’s a gorgeous place any time of year!

What is your philosophy about relationships?

 Oh Wow… Sure, ask me a philosophical one. Honestly, there are probably a ton of answers I could give you, and they’d probably all be right too. The one thing I would say is most important is to LISTEN. No matter what the situation, LISTEN to your partner. Fights and arguments can often be avoided if we stopped and just LISTENED. I’m extremely thankful for my fiancé who has trained me quite well on this subject. I used to be a bit of a fireball and didn’t listen so well. Wait… that makes me sound subservient. I don’t mean it like that, but I don’t mind being submissive with him AT ALL. ß Yep, I went there. I took this question down that road. *winks*

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

 Well, I love where I live now, so if I was forced to move, I would hope it was to Australia. I have an uncle that lives there and absolutely love it. From the beaches to Sydney Harbor to the Koala Bears and Kangaroos. It’s truly beautiful!

Do your characters talk to you?

No, but the voices in my head do. That’s normal, right? <insert awkward silence here> What?! LOL… Okay, I’m teasing, but no, I wouldn’t say they talk to me as much as take on a life of their own. My stories sometimes are told by them, and I’m merely the person typing for them. Wait… that makes me sound kind of crazy doesn’t it? Rut roh.. *winks*

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m a definite pantser. Even if I attempted to plot my stories out, I can pretty much guarantee they’d change once I began writing.

What is your favorite thing in the world to do (besides sex)?

That’s easy… My favorite thing is se… oh wait…I just read that last part. What do you mean “besides sex”… What else is there? *crosses my arms in annoyance* Fine, I like to cook and go for long walks on the beach. Are you happy? Can we get back to sex now? LOL

Would you rather have a motorcycle, sailboat, horse, or big-screen tv?

I wouldn’t ride a motorcycle personally, but wouldn’t mind riding on the back. But, a sailboat sounds kind of nice. I love the water! J

What was the best job (other than writing) that you’ve ever had?

That’s hard to say. I don’t think I’ve ever LOVED anything as much as I do writing. Can I say loving my fiancé? I mean, it’s not a job, but I swear if I could make a living out of loving him, I’d be a millionaire in a week or two. Now… name that cheesy country song! Hehehe

Thank you so much for being here and sharing a little about yourself and your writing. Now let’s get to the juicy stuff…


Her creamy skin looked flawless against the backdrop of the crisp white sheets.

With both hands, he firmly held her legs apart and loomed just above her already slick folds. He could see the glistening moisture already building up and coating her slit. Her excitement and anticipation was evident.

Hesitating for a moment, he looked up at her. His eyes met hers for a fire-charged flash in time. Gently he blew on her. From her pussy on up to her nipples he caressed her with nothing more than a gush of air. His actions were rewarded by her moans as she squirmed under the warm tickle of his breath.

“Sugar, I hope you’re ready and rested. Because I’m going to lick you, taste you, and suck up every last succulent drop you have to offer me.”

This time he didn’t hesitate. His hunger wouldn’t allow it. Dropping his head down, he darted his tongue out and slid it between her moistened lips. Her slit was even wetter than he expected. And so fucking hot he thought his tongue might catch fire.

He had been right in his earlier prediction. She was the sweetest of all the fruits. Like candied ambrosia, her flavor just seeped into his soul and took hold of him.

His tongue moved up and down several times at her slick entrance. As good as she tasted, he enjoyed the tease it provided. She was already fighting him and writhing beneath his ministrations as soft whimpers escaped her. Judging from her body’s response last night and today, he knew she was already getting close. As much as he wanted to taste the honeyed nectar she’d surely provide him in orgasm, he wanted to slow down and prolong her pleasure.

Removing his tongue, he traced small circles around the outer part of her pussy, from one inner thigh to the other, the whole time touching her delicately, taunting her with featherlike kisses.

Her skin was so smooth under his tongue he wondered if she was even real. Maybe she was a goddess that he dreamed up. Some sort of muse sent down from a mythical land to seduce him in his wildest dreams. He fought back a laugh at the thought. If she were, she was damn good at what she did, but even his deepest fantasies had never been this good.

Her fingers ran through his hair, and she whispered, “Beck, please…”

He was never one to watch a woman suffer, but he had to admit his ego did swell almost as big as his cock from her pleas. It turned him on to know she needed it so badly she wasn’t afraid to beg.

4 Responses to “Author Spotlight – Nicole Morgan”

  1. Nicole Morgan January 14, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    Thanks for having me guys! It’s been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see who stops by! 🙂

  2. Erika Reed January 14, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

    What a great interview with Nicole! I can’t wait to read her book Impetuous.

  3. Alisa (Lee) January 24, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    Thanks for doing Author spotlights!!! I love “meeting” more authors and having a never-ending supply of wonderful books to read!!!! LOL

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