Dieting (from Cassidy)

17 Apr

So most of us have dieting drama, right? Well, according to Reggie, I am probably about as bad as it gets at that. So I thought I’d blog about my dieting drama and see if other people want to comment on it.

I LOVE the HCG diet. Love it, love it, love it!! I could be on that diet 24/7/365 and be utterly and completely happy. And I would lose weight. It’s the most effective (and fastest) diet I’ve ever found.

So what’s the problem? There are two problems. One is that Reggie won’t let any of us diet on our own. He insists that if anybody wants to go on a diet, we all have to. And the HCG diet (I admit this) is a little extreme. Reggie (who does NOT need to lose weight) does not do well on it. He really needs to eat more than is recommended, and he is perpetually hungry and unhappy when he’s on it. But he allows it periodically because he knows it’s important to me to try to lose weight.

This last time (this is the second problem) we all started having blood sugar issues on it. I had been feeling fantastic, had lost about 12 pounds (in a week) and was as happy as a clam. But Eeza and Evie started to not feel good, and their blood sugar was either too high or too low, so they went off the diet. The next day my blood sugar was about 160 (and Reggie’s was too), so we had to off it as well.

I was not happy about that, but I think there’s a silver lining. I’d been experimenting with doing low-carb two or three days a week as a maintenance program, and I also bought some more blue-green algae, which had helped me lose weight years ago but hadn’t worked the last couple of times I tried it. This time, the combination of the low-carb days and the algae seems to be having an effect. I’ve lost two more pounds since going off the diet (hallelujah!!). Low carb is a good way for me to lose weight but I can’t maintain it 24/7. This idea of doing it two or three days a week (I do three) is new to me, but it seems to be effective, at least for maintenance. I’m hoping (hard) that I can keep losing with it.

So – Any advice? Comments? Any diets other people have found effective? I may need to break down and actually start exercising on a regular basis. I love yoga and Zumba, but just can’t seem to find the time to do them. Feel free to post thoughts or suggestions for what’s worked for you!

3 Responses to “Dieting (from Cassidy)”

  1. Tara Rose April 17, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

    My physician put me on a diabetic diet, even though I’m not diabetic, because they work for just about anyone. I’ve lost 18 pounds in 3 months on it, and my cholesterol and other labs are back in the normal range now. Not sure I understand why everyone should have to follow the same diet, as not all of them will work for each person. Our bodies respond to things differently. An expected healthy weight loss (and one that would stay consistent long term) would be 1 to 2 pounds a week. And really, it’s a lifestyle change, not just a short-term plan. I wish you the best of luck, Cassidy. Making changes are always stressful, and since as women, our weight on that scale is so wrapped up in our self-worth, it puts added stress on us when we try to make those changes. ((HUGS))

  2. Cherie Clark April 17, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    Well done Cassidy I think that you have a great support system which I find is the hardest part about dieting when you are trying so hard and others are not very helpful. I try to
    loose weight but my weight is the ultimate in the hide and seek game and it seems to always find its way back to me. Keep us updated and all the best.

  3. Annette Court April 17, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    I have tryed lots of diets but the only thing that works for me is healthy eating (cutting out the junk food & takeaway, cutting back on portion size & eating lots of fresh fruit & veg, & cutting my alcohol intake back to just a few drinks on the week end) & exercise ( at least 30 mins 6 days a week, a mix of yoga & walking is what I do) it’s more of a lifestyle change then a diet & it’s not a fast way to lose weight, but I find it’s easier stick with. I hope you find something that works for you & good luck 🙂

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