Guest Author AJ Hawthorn

4 Jul


Good Morning all-

We are fortunate enough to have AJ Hawthorn joining us today here on Naughty Ever After. She has agreed to share her thoughts on summer vacations with us as well as the info on her latest release. AJ Thank you so much for joining us today. Take it away AJ….

Everyone needs a vacation, even immortals…

Several things have come together in the past few days to really reinforce the need we all have for vacations. I’ve taken a six week break from my day job thanks to a necessary surgery leave. The surgery was relatively minor and I’m feeling much better for having it.

But in addition to the health benefits, I’ve been able to spend a great deal of time with my children and husband. We’ve started cooking dinners together and all around have spent more time with each other. And it goes without saying that the quality time with my children is priceless.

The time away from the stresses of a day job with long shifts is equally priceless. It doesn’t take long before those long hours take their toll.

Can you imagine working every day, nearly nonstop for almost three hundred years? For Azrael, the only working Soul Runner, it’s reality. Millennia ago he was charged with transporting souls of the newly dead from Earth to their final resting place, wherever that might be.

This time around, his vacation came almost a hundred years late leaving him utterly exhausted and hungry for warmth and rest.

But that’s not what he got. With no thanks to the trouble-making Lilith, his plans for rest and relaxation are thrown by the wayside in a race to find Lucifer and Lilith’s daughter. If he doesn’t find her, the fragile power balance holding the immortal realm of Unearth together could be disrupted, endangering the existence of all immortals.

So, instead of the soaking up the Caribbean sun, he’s forced to work with Diane, the Devil’s sister-in-law. He’ll soon find out she’s nothing like her bratty sister Lilith and everything he could hope for in a woman. 

Here’s hoping that all our vacations are more relaxing than Azrael’s.


Azrael, Soul Runner, longs for a centuries-late vacation.

Diane, a former goddess, wants only to be left alone on Earth with her bar.


A selfish goddess and mad demon throw them together in a race to find the devil’s daughter. Can love conquer the evil trying to destroy them and the immortal realm of Unearth?


Bookstrand link



Thank you AJ Hawthorn for being a guest with us today. Be sure to check out Azrael’s Light for an exciting read!! See you all soon.



One Response to “Guest Author AJ Hawthorn”

  1. Cherie Clark July 4, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    I would love a holiday. I am glad that the surgery had more than one silver lining for you. I look forward to reading your book AJ. Happy July 4th to you.

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