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10 Jul

Good Morning all-

Please help me welcome our guest author for today, Shae Shannon. She has graciously agreed to answer some questions for us about her writing, herself and her thoughts on love, life and romance. Thank you so much for joining us today, Shae. Let’s dive right in shall we…

I see that your second book was recently published, can you tell us a bit about it and why you like to write the genre that you do?
Always and Forever is the story of Giselle.  She is the aunt of Chloe, the main character from book 1, The Beginning of Eternity.  She is a saucy witch with a huge helping of independence, a side of mischievousness, and a tad of humor stirred in the mix.  When two macho alpha’s try to stake their claim on her, she gives them a run for their money and lets it be known that she is in charge of the show.  When they get her in the bedroom, they prove their dominance and weaken her defenses.  Aiden is the alpha of the wolves.  Brandon is the alpha of the silver panthers.  Both have ego’s the size of the moon, and have to choose between the woman they are both fated to be with and their pride.

I have always had a thing for paranormal and the unknown.  Writing it allows me to let my imagination run wild and free, and create a fantasy world for readers to escape into.  I love being transported into the book I read, and hope that I can deliver a great adventure and mini vacation for the readers.


What is your philosophy on love, life and relationships?
This question is actually something I have never shared with anyone.  Growing up (even up until a few years ago), I had always pictured things in a fairy tale type way.  From the time I was little, I would day dream of life and love, and how picture perfect it would be.  Even after marriage, I still tried to think that was the way it was supposed to be.  I would get my feelings hurt easily, and be devastated when the romance and affection wasn’t there, or enough.  I set things up to be something, and then would be disappointed when it didn’t happen.  After years of this, (yes, I am a slow learner when it comes to emotions hehe) I finally realized a few things.  There is such a thing as love at first sight. The second I laid eyes on my husband, I knew I would marry him.   Second, if it is true love, it will not be easy.  You will have to fight with all of your might to keep it.  There will be times when you have to work hard to love that person, and other times they will touch your heart so strongly that you will fall deeper and deeper in love with them.  (Even after 16 years!) Third, but not least, little things are what matters.  Whether it be a single flower picked out of the yard, or a look he gives you from across the room, those are more meaningful than any diamond.
When it comes to life, I have one rule.  No drama.  Not from family, friends, or strangers.  If you cut out drama, or those who cause it, life is so much more enjoyable.  I have totally cut people off and quit associating with them after being friends for years.  Family is the worst, because you love them.  On those occasions I just don’t participate.  I wait until the smoke clears, and ignore any gossip or talk.


Make every day count.  Life is what you make it, so make it great.  When times are the toughest, find a way to have fun.  Sooner or later the bad will be replaced with good.
Your books are paranormal romance, so what is your favorite character race and why? Would you be one if you could?
I am a sucker for hot vampires.  I do find shifters sexy as sin, (especially panthers or any big cat).  I have a thing for the big, bad boy type.  If you can throw in a little danger in that, I melt into a puddle.    I would definitely be either.  Due to the whole drinking blood thing, I think I would probably fare better as a shifter.
Have you always wanted to be an author? Do you write full time or do other things steal your writing time?
I have always loved to write.  When I was little, the schools put me in creative writing classes and poetry classes.  At the age of 11, my grandmother sent in one of my poems to a contest that was for adults.  The winner was published in a book, and got $100.  I won, and remember getting candy and toys from the store… lol.  Even back then, I wrote little stories instead of playing.  I am a part time writer, due to my kids and husband.  I do try to hurry through housework and get the kids in bed so I can fire up the laptop.
What do your family and friends think of your writing?
They think it is great, and even though most of them aren’t big readers like I am, they still offer words of encouragement.
Who has been your favorite character to write so far and why?
My favorite character so far has been EmmaLee, from Her Knights in Black Stetsons.  She has a lot of the same personality tweaks that I do.  I love her wit and her sense of humor.


What make a good antagonist in your opinion?


A cocky and arrogant character, who is strong willed/stubborn usually is the ground traits for a good antagonist.  Snarky comments tend to set my temper off the quickest.  They make for a great bad guy or hurdle point.
What would you like our readers to know about you and your books?
I am a normal mother and wife, that has a wild imagination and loves to create new characters and places.  Without our fabulous readers, I wouldn’t be living my dream.  Whether I make any money at this or not, just knowing that someone found my books and ideas entertaining means the world to me.
What is your next project and when can we expect to see it?
Her Knights in Black Stetsons, Smalltown, USA book 1 will be releasing sometime in August.  It is a hot western contemporary that takes place in a small town in Oklahoma.  I absolutely loved writing the first book in this series, because it holds a lot of experiences I have had growing up.  I am currently working on book 3 of Decadent Delights, and hope to submit it soon!


Thank you for sharing all of that with us. Let’s take a look at the blurb for Always and Forever


Giselle Shalay has taken up residence in the mansion to help run ‘Java Delights’ while Chloe remains condemned to bed rest until the triplets are born.  The large, heterogeneous group that resides there, along with all of the frequent visits from the other shifters and vampires make up a huge family that keep Giselle busy and entertained.  Even with all of the overflowing love from the tight knit group, she still fights the loneliness that has created a hollowness deep in her soul.  With an alpha wolf, and an alpha panther- both of which are hot, sexy, brick walls of ooh la la wrapped up in a ‘yes please, give me more’-decide to pursue her, things explode in a supernova of desire and need.  She is torn between what her body craves and what her mind protests.  She is a free spirited, independent witch that could never succumb to the role of an obedient, mindless, submissive wife.
Aiden Grey is the alpha of the wolf pack.  Fate has finally revealed that Giselle is his true mate, and his wolf grows impatient with every passing day.  While she fights his advances, she cannot deny the heated desire he unleashes with just a simple touch.
Brandon is the alpha of the silver panther pride.  The moment he walks in and spots the majestic Giselle, his cat goes wild.  She is his mate, and he must have her.
Aiden refuses to share Giselle, whether Brandon is meant to mate her or not. Brandon tries to show him reason, but any discussions end up in blows.  When push comes to shove, he turns to his pack and declares war against the panthers in a fight to win her hand.
Can they come to terms with what fate has dealt and work together in convincing Giselle that her place is with them, or will ego’s and misconceived ideas keep destiny from joining their hearts forever?

shae shannon always and forever


You can Find Shae at the following places:

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fan page-!/pages/Shae-Shannon/488117577907254
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Thank you again for joining us today and be sure to check out both Always and Forever as well as The Beginning of Eternity!

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  1. lisacarlton July 10, 2013 at 6:17 am #

    What a great blog …thank you for sharing a lot of great words to live by there 😉

  2. Tara Rose July 10, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    What a fun interview! Congrats on the new release, Shae! 🙂

  3. afterdarkwriters July 11, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

    Thank you both for joining me. I want to give a huge thank you to Reggie for having me! It was a great interview and so much fun!

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