Guest Author Lori King!!!

17 Jul

Good morning all-

Today we have a special guest with us, the beautiful and talented Lori King. Thank you for joining us today Lori. We have a few questions for you that our readers would like to know the answers to so let’s dive right in shall we.


I see that you have a new book coming out in August, can you tell us a bit about it and why you like to write the genre that you do?

The first thing readers should know is that I write ménage stories. Rarely do my heroines only have one hero, and this next release is no different. Dreams of the Wolf, is the fourth book in The Gray Pack series. It’s KJ Whetstone’s book, which I led up to at the end of the third book, Legacy of the Wolf. This book follows KJ’s journey to Quiver Creek, Wyoming where she grew up, as she attempts to save her parents and the only family she has ever known from slaughter. Along the way she runs headlong into not one but two true mates for her wolf: Thomas Jameson, the Gray Packs new doctor, and only resident human, and Bryson Samuels, beta wolf from the Kaplan Pack, and one of the wolves sent to kill KJ and her family. She not only has to contend with her own fate as a mated wolf, but swallow what fate has in store for the people she loves.

Sounds like a great story line, can’t wait to read it. That having been said what is your philosophy on love, life and relationships?

I believe in true love. I know it sounds corny, but I honestly do. In a very figurative sense, I believe that love is blind. It knows no boundaries or limitations, and should be accepted at face value. In reality, I think that society places many restrictions on what type of “love” is allowed. Coming from a personal stand point I’ve been in love with more than one person at a time, and I enjoy the idea of my heroine’s fantasies coming true. If that means she needs two men, or ten men to achieve all of her dreams and potential, then I will gladly dream up an army of the sexy beasts.

Well, we al know I am in favor of relationships involving multiple people, lol, so rock on Lori. This series of books is paranormal romance, so what is your favorite character race and why? Would you be one if you could?

This series is werewolves, but I adore vampires and fae too. I suppose I’m preferential to shapeshifters just because of the blatant sexuality they seem to exude. If I could be a paranormal being I probably would be a vampire. I look good in black. 😉

It’s always good to have a plan and looking good in black has to be a good one. Have you always wanted to be an author? Do you write full time or do other things steal your writing time?

I have been writing since I could hold a pencil in my hand and spell a worth with it, so yes I suppose I always wanted to be an author. It wasn’t in my master plan, but when the opportunity finally met up with the kick in the pants courage, I jumped with both feet and my nose plugged! My first book was published in July 2012 while I was still employed full time in the financial industry. Since then, I’ve left my day job to pursue a full time writing career around raising three sons. So even though I am a full time author, I still have to steal my writing time!

I bet, if they are anything like I was as a kid I’m sure they keep you hopping. What do your family and friends think of your writing?

I’ve been extremely lucky to have a very supportive family, and most of my friends are loyal readers.

You have to love it when the support system is on board.  Who has been your favorite character to write so far and why?

It’s hard to pick favorite characters, because my favorite and my least favorite are usually the characters I’m in the midst of working on. If I was forced to choose, I would say Liam Gray from Reflections of the Wolf stole my heart. He went through tragedy, and was still willing to risk his heart to love.

Great, I will have to check it out to see what he went through. What make a good antagonist in your opinion?

A good antagonist isn’t always the worst person in the book. I think they are the person who stimulates the most drama, but not necessarily the one to force the story to a finale.

Now that is an interesting thought, well said. What would you like our readers to know about you and your books?

My goal is to create characters that are relatable, and lovable. I want readers to walk away from my stories feeling something. Whether that’s because of the humor, the tragedy, the love or the passion, I just focus on creating realistic emotions, even if they are in unrealistic circumstances.

What is your next project and when can we expect to see it?

Dreams of the Wolf is due out August 15, 2013; and I also have Point of Seduction releasing in September with Siren.  Point of Seduction is part of a five author series about an island name Sunset Point, where ménage is a lifestyle that is not only supported, but encouraged.

Sounds great, we will have to check out that series as well.

Speaking of books to check out this Just Hit Amazon!

Sidney’s Triple Shot

Apache Crossing 1


Sidney's triple Shot Lori King


Sidney Rowe has been abused in ways that most people can’t even imagine.  After a horrific miscarriage, she left behind everything she had, to escape her ex-boyfriend.  She finds refuge in the kindness of the three Dawson brothers. They give her a job and a sense of security in the small town of Apache Crossing.


Xavier, Tyce, and Noah Dawson, have built their bar, Triple Shot, into a profitable enterprise.  The three former Marines, have also built a reputation for integrity in the community, but their sex appeal and charm are legendary. They enjoy their playboy status…that is until a jumpy, skittish Sidney stumbles into their lives needing their help.


Sexual tension explodes when the brothers decide they want to protect and share Sidney, but to have her they have to stop her ex from haunting her. Can they keep her safe, and win her damaged heart?


Author Info:

I am an everyday woman, born and raised right smack in the middle of the country in the ever conservative state of Kansas. I juggle three sons, a husband, a dog, a turtle, and way too many extra-curricular activities to mention. Writing is a way of stepping outside of the real world, and embracing something new and different for me. A hopeless romantic, I spend my days dreaming up Alpha men, and my nights telling their stories, always looking for the Happily Ever After. Currently I have three other books published in the Paranormal Erotic Romance series: The Gray Pack.


You can keep up with all of my new releases via: Blog: Facebook: Twitter:


Don’t forget to Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!

Lori King graphic

Thank you so much for joining us today Lori King! It has been a lot of fun and you will have to be sure to stop back by in August when Dreams of the Wolf Releases. Have a great day all.





4 Responses to “Guest Author Lori King!!!”

  1. Tara Rose July 17, 2013 at 6:20 am #

    *Waves hi to Lori!!* Great post!! 🙂

  2. Cherie Clark July 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Wow two of my personal faves together. Great Post Lori and I look forward to August and September. By the way Chris Jacked your blog again Lori. xoxo

  3. lisacarlton July 17, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    Great blog Lori…always love hearing about my favorite shifters…..can’t wait until August…..and Oh my Sunset point also sounds like amazing set of stories as well…..Thanks for sharing

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