Off to Austin

24 Jul

Good Morning all-


This morning we are off to Austin, Texas to attend the Austin Body Art Expo, which is a tattoo and piercing convention. We have branched out with some new shows this month and next for our chainmail business and this is one of them. We recently launched our body jewelry line which is primarily navel rings and nipple rings with a few other goodies thrown in for good measure and we are hoping to get the wholesale side of that line off to a good start with this show. We also have some new clothing pieces to show off this weekend as well, none of these are up on the website yet since I am still trying to get decent photos of the new pieces but they should be soon so check the site often to see the new shinies :). Here is a teaser for you all though, they are the Atlantis and rosette styles.


Navel Atlantis                     Navel Rosette


If anyone is in the Austin area and would like to stop by and say hi or meet for coffee (we should have time to meet for breakfast each day) drop us a line and we would love to se you. It is a long drive (about 15 hours for us) so I’ll sign off for now but we will definitely check in periodically. Hope your all having a fantastic day.



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