Mixed news

29 Aug

Good Morning All-


It has been a morning of mixed news here at the Alexander household. We started with some really good news that we had been accepted as vendors for the Fantasy fest event in key west, Florida in October. we have been anxiously awaiting this news. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to get out of the Colorado cold in October and instead spend a couple of weeks in Florida. So, it is finally official that we will be doing the Tampa Bead Show, the Panama City tattoo and Piercing Show and Fantasy Fest in Key West during the month of October, Woo Hoo!!!

But, life being what it is we almost immediately got notification that the woman we were to meet this afternoon to see if her dog and our Great Dane, Daisy, would get along together. She is considering dog sitting for us since we got last minute notice that we had been selected for the Houston Body Art Expo next week and we suddenly needed a new dog sitter since our regular one is busy and can’t take her. Anyway she had a medical emergency this morning and may not be able to take Daisy. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Being the optimists we are though we plowed on through the morning and received a very nice email from a customer who had bought a top from us recently. She told us how much she had enjoyed wearing it at an event last weekend. Emails like that always make us feel good. It is very satisfying to know we had some small part in making someone’s day a little brighter.

Then we found out we may not be vending at the Denver Mile High club expo in September. This is a new show for us and looked promising so it will be a disappointment if we don’t get to do it. It would have been the second swinger lifestyle event we would have vended at this year and we made a whole new line of chainmail garter belts and body harnesses (really sexy stuff if I do say so myself) that we were looking forward to trying out.

Finally, we received notification that two of the four panels we had proposed for RT 2014 had been rejected. Again a bit of a disappointment since workshops there is so much fun. We still have two in the mix and are hopeful for them but will have to see. Anyway, something good should be on deck for the afternoon if the pattern holds true. I hope your day is pleasant and warm.



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