Round One of the smack down and big news

2 Oct

Good Morning all-

I apologize for not being on here lately. We are traveling a lot right now and don’t always have the best internet connection. We spent last weekend in San Jose and San Francisco, California and spent all of yesterday traveling from there to the Miami, Florida area. Yep it is awesome in case you were curious. Beaches, boats and sunshine everywhere you look. We will be here for a month traveling around the state and then off to Las Vegas for a writing event before finally getting to go home.


Anyway, for those who have read our Omnific Publishing works, Becoming Sage, Saving Sunni and It’s Only Kinky the First Time, (we do have another installment in the que with Omnific and hope it gets approved soon) our boy, Sir Rune is in a march madness style smack down for best fantasy boyfriend. He did an interview which can be seen over at and if you comment they register you for a bunch of giveaways. Then if your interested you can vote at

Our guy is a bit behind at the moment and could use any help people might want to give to get him onto round two. We also have big news to share, we were blessed to get a new PA to help us keep on top of things better. Her name is Sheila and she is going to be helping us make this blog better as well as helping us get out there more for both the Omnific, Siren and soon self published books. Give her a warm welcome and stay tuned, big things are afoot.



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