We’re not in Kansas anymore

6 Oct

Hello all-

For those following our travels we are still in Miami (for one more day) at the JIS show. It has been much slower than we had hoped but we still have high hopes. Anyway, we have had the opportunity to travel around Miami Beach and have seen some things that you just don’t get to see everyday. So, just for fun I thought I would share some of these things with all of you. Unfortunately I don’t have pics of them but will describe them anyway.

First, the event we are at is being held at the Miami Convention Center which is about average for a conference center. However, right next to it is the Holocaust memorial which please don’t misunderstand me, it was a horrible thing. But, WTF this is one creepy monument. It is a giant arm coming out of the ground with numbers on the forearm and what looks like skeletal bodies clinging to the arm. It looks like a friggin zombie arm straight out of a George Romero horror flick. Just plain odd.

Then, yesterday morning we stopped at a Burger King for breakfast that is right across the street from the Miami Beach Police Department. Anyway, as we walk in I see that it claims it is a Whopper Bar. I think to myself, what is a Whopper bar and to my surprise it was just what it sounds like. It serves beer. How cool is that? Our Burger Kings don’t serve beer.  I suppose if it did though being right across from the police department is not a bad idea.

So, once we were finished we walk out and being an ex-cop I feel compelled to look at the PD to see what theirs is like. Much to my surprise I see a pink, yes that’s right, a pink patrol car. Know it is Breast Awareness Month so I am going to assume that it why but still nothing my old PD would have had. kasi did get a pic of it and posted it on FB yesterday if anyone wants to see it.

Finally, tonight after the show we finally got the chance to walk on the beach and feel the ocean for a few minutes. We only got to walk in the surf but it was better than nothing since our family told us earlier in the day that it snowed at home in the Denver area yesterday and here we are splashing in the ocean. I love Florida, lol. After that we grabbed a bite at a restaurant on the beach, very cool, and then walked the main drag in town and did some marketing to the tattoo shops for our body jewelry line.

While doing so I found Miami Ink. That right, the one from the TLC reality show. Sadly they do not carry body jewelry but I did see Yoji Harada and Darren Brass working in the shop.  I love ink, I have two myself and am dying to get my full back piece as soon as I can afford it. Anyway it was really awesome to see people I used to watch on TV doing tattoos.

Well, that’s it for today, wish us luck on the last day of the wholesale show and we will update you on our adventures again in a day or two. Hope your all well.


One Response to “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

  1. Cherie Clark October 6, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

    Sounds like you had a great time and experienced some great stuff….

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