Reggie’s challenges and opportunities

14 Apr

Hello all. I know it has been some time since last I have written here and I apologize for that. The last thirteen months have been a challenging experience. During that time I lost my career of 16 ½ years in law enforcement, added a new member to my household, co-wrote several books, toured the country selling our chainmail and books, spent a month in Florida, collared another slave, started working for a major airline, participated in a large scale fashion show, had several of our chainmail tops featured on a major pay-per-view event, presented classes on BDSM, polyamory and writing at a number of conferences, almost lost each of the women in my life and gained many new insights into life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Life has been quite the roller coaster during this last year. Some incredible highs and some very deep lows. It all started when we were approached by Westward Magazine to do the cover article for the Valentine’s Day issue about our books, jewelry and polyamorous lifestyle. The article was well written and well received. I had sought and received permission from my chief and lieutenant prior to doing the interview and followed all of the conditions they set forth. A month after the article came out the town manager found out about the article and decided to use it to help force the chief out of his position so he could bring in his buddy as chief of police for our department.

The long and the short of the situation was that I was caught in the middle of a small town political power play and I was forced to resign my position and end my career as a decorated police officer. I had done almost every position available in a police department. Some of the things were patrol, detectives, training, special units including Narc’s and spent eight years as a sergeant leading and managing other officers.

I viewed it as an honorable profession and despite it showing me the absolute worst of human nature, I felt fulfilled in knowing I helped hold the line between good and evil. I know it sounds corny, but I know there are people alive today because I was there doing my job. I spent a lot of time and energy making sure that I had friends and interests outside of law enforcement so I wouldn’t be one dimensional but it still played a huge part in defining who I was. Once I lost my badge I really found that I missed that part of who I was a lot more than I thought I would. Even now, more than a year later, when I see the flashing lights of a patrol car or hear a siren in the distance it pulls at something deep inside of me. I have to stop and remember that I am no longer a part of the Thin Blue Line.

Most of the time I am glad to have that part of my life behind me. I saw some of the most horrific things a person can imagine. I had to make the decision to end someone’s life in the line of duty to save an innocent person’s life. Luckily, in the end the bad guy was faster on the trigger than I was and he ended his own life before I had to. I still had to come to terms with having to make that decision and thousands of others. All of them had to be made in the blink of an eye and were Monday morning quarter backed all day long. I delivered a baby in the front seat of a car, helped many people in need and put my life on the line for complete strangers day after day. The job takes a toll on who you are and the last year now that I am out of it have really showed me just how much of a toll.

Shortly after leaving the police department, life put an opportunity in my path. A beautiful woman who had recently accepted a ride from us to a show in Dallas became very close with Treena and kasi. Over the next few weeks she was invited over to play cards and hang out with us and we all grew closer and we convinced her not to leave….ever. She joined our household and took a place in my heart. She agreed to be not only my partner but also my slave in a power exchange relationship.

This led to a number of the revelations about life and love. The biggest and most obvious is that each of my partners are their own woman. I know this sounds stupid but it took me longer to figure that out than it should have. One of the things I do when I enter into a power exchange relationship (This is only my second, kasi is my first) is give my partner a new name. That way we start fresh and build a life together less cluttered by past baggage. I call her evie and I think she is planning on publishing under the name Eva. She has agreed to do a series of erotic shorts with me that we plan to self-publish this summer.

Anyway, we have all taken quite the roller coaster ride together while I figured that basic tenant of life out. I think I have gotten it worked out now and we are all growing into a more cohesive family. It has been an interesting process to add someone new to our family. She has helped to give me some of the most amazing experiences in my life but like any relationship in the real world there have been rough patches too. She, like each of the women in my life, has helped me to learn more about myself, my role in the world and how the human heart works.

Like many who choose to take up the gauntlet of law enforcement, I built many, many very strong walls around myself as protection from the job. I could pull on my cop face with the best of them and had just as black a sense of humor. Treena has been with me for most of my life and adapted to those walls as they grew. The walls were already strong and thick by the time kasi joined me but poor evie joined me when they were no longer needed. She is a very sensitive person and asked me to let her in as we tried to build our relationship. I struggled with taking them down and letting all of my ladies in closer but I think I am better at it now. Unfortunately, I have found myself more emotional than I care to be. Each day it is harder to pull that cold mask into place and easier to be hurt like the rest of humanity. It has been a double edged sword and while it makes my connection to each of them closer it also makes me tougher to be around sometimes. I work on it daily trying to be a better person for them but sometimes the toll of the job is heavy.

This last year has allowed each and every one of us the opportunity to take a good hard look inside and determine just what we want out of life. To decide if a poly lifestyle is right for each of us and to determine if all of the work it takes is worth it or not. This sounds like an easy thing to decide but let me tell you it is not. In a two person relationship it can be easy to blame all of the problems on the other person. I am not saying this in a derogatory manner it is simply a fact of life. When you are in a three person relationship there is always a witness to call bullshit when you are blaming everything on someone else. It becomes much harder to hide from your own faults and you are forced to stand up and take your lumps for your issues instead of hiding from them. Then when you add a forth person it become harder yet to shift the blame to someone else. You really have to be responsible for your own behavior. This is a fantastic growth opportunity but can be hard to accept sometimes. For those that know me, I do not have a problem taking responsibility for my actions or behaviors but even I have had to take stock of just how poorly I behave sometimes. We have all had to work on our communication skills, negotiation skills and personality quirks such as how we deal with jealousy for example. I like to joke that I am a lovable guy but luckily for me, the three wonderful women in my life help to drag me closer to that ideal.

In addition to the personal growth we have each had do we have had some interesting professional experiences. We were allowed to do the Red Ball of Denver for a second year. It is a huge fashion show that benefits the Aids Foundation. This year we were the first designer in the line-up and started the show. We had eight models this year and they looked fantastic. We do have some pictures of the show up on our Facebook page. We also had three of our tops modeled by the lovely ladies who helped WWE wrestler Triple H with his entrance on the pay-per-view event Wrestle Mania XXX last Sunday in New Orleans. If you would like to see it check out this link to the YouTube video we found (

We continue to make and sell our chainmail jewelry, clothing and accessories around the country. In our adventures with that we had the opportunity to spend the month of October in Florida, where 3 of the 4 of us hope to end up soon (come on Treena the beaches are fantastic!!). During that time we did four shows and drove pretty much the entire state twice. We put 2500 miles on the rental van and played on some beaches. evie grew up in tropical climes and acted as our guide for many of the flora and fauna (especially the sea life, very cool) that we saw. The best thing was that we found another great show for us and one that we recommend to everyone. Around Halloween in Key West is a festival called Fantasy Fest. It is awesome!!! I can’t recommend it enough, you have to check it out. We are anxiously awaiting the chance to go back and do it again.

Now to the other important thing. No, we have not given up on writing. We have experienced some personal financial issues that has prevented us from signing any book contracts for a while but they are about done and we can get going again. Fear not, we have been busy. The next book in the Key Hole series from Omnific is scheduled for release in September and is an anthology of three short stories showing the kinky awakenings of amy, daisy and yes you guessed it, Sir Rune himself.

The next book in our BDSM Menage Fantasies series with Siren is about 95% done and should be into them for consideration before we get to RT in May. It has a tentative working title of Arresting Dominance. That’s right it has cops as the male heroes since we can finally use them without professional repercussions. The next book after that has also been started and is about 20% done with the working title of Rent-A-Dom.

The really exciting news however is that we are finally about to dip our toes into the self-publishing arena. We have the first book in the new series completely finished and the second about 50% done. Once we have the third done we will release them. Don’t be too shocked, but this series follows the exploits of the members of the SORT (Special Operations and Response Team) Team of Striking Mammoth, Colorado. I can finally use my experiences in Narc’s as a member of a task force to good purpose. The really cool part of this project is that we have been graced by the amazing talents of Anna Riviera who is writing these stories with us. We hope to have the series released by the end of the summer. I don’t want to come off as pompous but I think this series is our best work so far and I personally can’t wait for them to be released.

The final bit of information I would like to share with you is that we are back. We are dedicated to seeing as many of you in person as possible at the various shows and conferences around the country that we are able to attend. We will be at both RT in NOLA and Romcon in Denver. If you are going to be at RT we will be doing the Big Book signing and the three ladies and I are presenting a panel on writing ménage stories. We would love to see you all at either of those events or any of the social parties going on that week. At Romcon, kasi and I are presenting a panel and again we all look forward to seeing you there. I have tasked evie with keeping all of us on target with the Naughty Ever After site so it doesn’t lag anymore. You will be seeing blogs from all four of us more regularly along with guest interviews, teasers, photos and all kinds of other goodies.

I have rambled on much longer than I ever intended to do so I am sorry if I lost you along the way. Know that we have missed you all and intend to be much more active on-line from now on. A last teaser, be sure to look for your chance to get your very own bondage bunny at RT this year. Babs was such a huge success last year that we are going to have some versions to give away at the con. We look forward to seeing you all there.



4 Responses to “Reggie’s challenges and opportunities”

  1. lisacarlton April 14, 2014 at 4:42 pm #

    We have missed you all….I’m glad you are back and I’m excited to get back to reading….its been a while without my fill from you and Kasi….I’m glad to see things are looking up….remember to always reach for the stars….that’s when you, Kasi ,Treena and Evue shine the brightest….

  2. Cherie Clark April 15, 2014 at 1:46 am #

    Welcome back.
    I have missed you guys like crazy. I can not wait til RT and I hope that we get to spend some time together.
    Look after yourselves til then.
    Love and Huggles Cherie

  3. naughtyeverafter April 15, 2014 at 9:21 am #

    Thank you ladies, it is good to be back! I think you will like the new stories, and hopefully worth the wait. See you all in NOLA very soon!!!

  4. Lori King Books April 17, 2014 at 8:18 am #

    Welcome back Reggie, and Reggie’s ladies! Your absence was noted, and I’m glad to see you again. I admire your personal growth over the last year, as you know I too lost my job over my books. I know what a betrayal of trust it is, and I respect that you’ve accepted it and allowed yourself to embrace change and move forward. You have my full support! I look forward to seeing what you guys do with this gift of opportunity!

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