Teaser Tuesday

29 Apr

From “Arresting Dominance,” our next book…

“Man, I hope they hurry up. I’m starving.” Liam McCulloch ran his hands through his hair, looking around the diner they’d stopped at for lunch. He focused on one door that he suspected led to the kitchen, trying to will the petite, pretty blonde waitress back through it.

“Me too,” answered his partner, Jeremy Knight. “I hope that little cutie that seated us serves it. I do like a little scenery with my food. What did her nametag say? Ginny?”

“Yeah, I think so. She was a hottie,” Liam answered, still staring at the kitchen door. “If all the girls around here—”

Jeremy interrupted him. “So a guy in a hoodie and a Batman mask and another wearing one of Spiderman walk up behind a little old lady…”

“What the fuck, dude?” Liam glowered at him. “You interrupt me for what has to be the worst setup for a joke in history?”

“Yeah, that would be a bad one if it were a joke. But seriously, look.” Jeremy pointed through the large plate glass window at the sidewalk in front of the diner.

Liam turned to see what Jeremy was pointing at. Two men were walking up behind an elderly woman who was approaching the building. The men were of average height and build and would have been completely unmemorable if they hadn’t been wearing hoodies pulled up over their heads and cinched down to hold cheap plastic masks over their faces—Batman on the right and Spiderman on the left.

“We have to get out there and do something.” Jeremy bolted up from his molded plastic seat and was out the door before Liam could even open his mouth to protest.

“Damn it, Jeremy,” Liam called after him, jumping up to follow. “This isn’t our jurisdiction. Remember the rule: when it’s not your sandbox, just be a good witness.”

As he rushed after his friend and shift partner, he nearly ran into a tall, thin blonde waitress whose nametag read Carly. He was disappointed it wasn’t the one he and Jeremy had seen earlier, but she was still cute.

He was barely aware that she yelled “Hey!” as he hit the door.

“Be right back. Can you get us a couple of burgers?” he called over his shoulder, praying that she would hear him. Outside, the older woman had been knocked to the ground and the two bad guys had taken off running, presumably having gotten her purse. Hopefully Carly would notice and come out to help her, but he had something more important to do at the moment. He broke left after the hooded men and his friend, chuckling as he saw Jeremy running easily next to Spiderman.

He could hear his partner saying, “You know, if you pumped your arms more it might help. But trying to breathe in that mask has just got to suck.”

The man grunted something that sounded like “Fuck you” through noisy lungfuls of air. Liam could see that Batman was no more than a dozen steps ahead of Jeremy with the old woman’s purse clutched in one hand.

Damn, he thought. He wished he had a dollar for every time he’d seen Jeremy pull this stunt. Sure it was funny and made for a great story over beers with the guys in the unit, but it was dangerous as hell and was going to get him hurt one of these days.

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