Teaser Tuesday

6 May

This is from our hopefully soon upcoming book tentatively called “Keyhole Kinklets.” It will be three short(ish) stories dealing with the kinky beginnings of Sir Rune, daisy and amy, for those of you who were curious. Here is an excerpt from daisy’s story:



“What’s his name?” Debi hissed at Geri’s back as she grabbed the steaming kettle and followed her.

Geri stopped, turning. “Sir Rune,” she said in a stage whisper. “Isn’t he adorable?”

Sir Rune?” Debi frowned. “What kind of name is that?”

“He’s sunni’s Master.” Geri winked at her for some obscure reason, and then hustled back to the office.

Debi shook her head and went in behind, putting the kettle down. She snuck a glance at Him—it was impossible to think of Him other than with a capital letter—and was immediately aware of her bare feet, one with black toenails and one plain. Oops.

She scuttled out, wondering at her reaction. He was just a guy, and an old guy at that. So why was her body reacting like he was Mr. fucking Universe or something?

Because he was hot. Old or not, he was freakin’ hot! There was something else too, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Debi went back to the cash register and painted the remainder of her toenails in a thoughtful daze. Compared to Him—the Adonis in the other room (holy crap, did she just call somebody an “Adonis”?)—Jake seemed to shrink down to the size of a Gothic Ken doll. She suddenly totally saw her dad’s point about Jake being a punk. Jake was a punk. This guy—Sir Rune? It should have sounded totally goofy but somehow it suited him—now He was someone her dad would respect.

Debi banged her head on the counter, softly though, in case they could hear. She was actually thinking about a guy that her dad would approve of. How lame-ass was that?

Besides, it didn’t matter. He belonged to sunni, and there was no way she could compete with sunni. If she even tried, she’d be like the little redheaded cunt that had Jake wrapped around her finger at the moment.

Not that she cared. In fact, she smiled now as she thought about Jake and his ho. Let her have him. She honestly couldn’t remember what she’d seen in Jake anyway. Maybe this Sir Rune had a brother or something. A younger, hotter brother, if that was possible.

When the three of them came out of Geri’s office, sunni walked Him to the door, where they stopped and locked lips again for a while. Debi had to force herself not to watch, drooling, while they kissed. What kind of horrible person was she, to want somebody else’s boyfriend so badly?

Geri stopped at the register, a sentimental smile on her face as she watched the two lovebirds say goodbye. “Aren’t they sweet?”

“Mmm.” Debi pretended to be fascinated by a new display that stood next to the counter. It had only been up for two days, but she decided it desperately needed to be dusted. Then she realized it was a great opportunity to try to get some information without the possibility of sunni overhearing.

“What did you say he was?” she whispered to Geri.

“What, dear?” Geri put a hand over her heart as if she was about to burst into rapturous praise of Twue Wuv.

Debi rolled her eyes. “You called him her ‘Master’ or something.”

“Oh. Oh, yes.” Geri started a little. “They’re in a Master/slave relationship.”

It took a minute for that to process, then Debi looked back at the couple in the doorway, her eyes wide. “She’s a slave? What the fuck?”

Geri patted her hand. “Don’t worry about it, dear. It’s grown-up stuff.” She trotted off with a sigh, leaving Debi staring after her.


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