Teaser Tuesday

3 Jun

This week we’re featuring a scene from our upcoming series “The Masters of Striking Mammoth,” due to be released this summer:


“Who are you?” she tried. “What do you want with me?”

“Don’t worry about it, bitch. Just get in that pickup.” He gestured with the gun to a beat-up black truck parked nearby. Monique leaned a little, trying to make out the license plate, but it was covered in mud.

“I’m not getting in. You’ll have to shoot me.” Maybe she could bluff him. Surely he knew that the sound of a gun would bring people running. “You’d never get away before somebody saw you.”

He looked back at the building, apparently judging its soundproof qualities. Monique took the opportunity to run. The closest cover was unfortunately his pickup, so she ducked around it.

His shout of outrage encouraged her. She might just be able to keep the truck between them until someone—anyone—pulled into the lot or came out of the building. She just had to watch closely so that she always knew where he was, and make sure she was out of range of his gun.

He sprinted for the end of the truck, but he wasn’t very fast and Monique was able to make it to the other side in time. They played an eerie, silent game of ring around the rosie for a few minutes, him not being able to get a clear shot at her and Monique not daring to leave the relative safety of the truck. Since he had stopped momentarily, probably trying to figure out a new strategy, Monique began digging for her phone, cursing the fact that she hadn’t cleaned and organized her purse lately.

Then she heard the sound of a car and a burst of hope went through her. Pausing in her search, she peeked over the top of the Subaru next to the truck.

The car must have driven past, she realized after having glanced around unsuccessfully. She started to turn her head to check the thug’s position, but it was too late. There was the noise of rushing footsteps on gravel and before she could move something wet and soft was covering her face.

We’re very excited about this series, which is being cowritten with Anna Riviera! We’re working on getting it out as fast as we can!

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