What a couple of weeks

5 Jun

Hello all-

The last few weeks have been busy let me tell you. We started out with a trip to New Orleans. None of had ever been there but we have all wanted to, so we went out a day early and saw some of the sights. We had gone there for the big RT (Romantic Times) writing conference. For anyone who may not be familiar with this event is is approximately 3000 authors, readers, bloggers and industry professionals all gathered together for four days of panels, lectures, parties and general smoozing.

It was our third RT and we were fortunate enough to get to present a panel again this year. Treena, evie, kasi and I presented a panel on how ménage works in the real world. Since we live a poly lifestyle as a polyfi quad and have written a few books on the subject we felt we might have something of value to share with those who might have been interested. Of course we stressed that no one would show up and were pleasantly surprised when about 30 people did. They were all very friendly and interactive which made for a fun panel. We had a great time answering the questions of the audience and providing a way of thinking about the subject that people may or may not have considered otherwise. Now in the interest of fairness I will let you all in on a little secret. Treena, evie and kasi are not extroverts by nature and putting themselves out there n the hot seat like that takes a lot out of them. Me on the other hand could never be called shy or introverted, lol. I absolutely love being in the spotlight and answering peoples questions. That having been said however, I want you all to know that the ladies did a fantastic job during the panel and all weekend.

It is a busy conference with very little sleep or time to recharge but such an amazing opportunity to meet an greet our fans or those we hope to encourage to give our books a try as well as network with other authors, bloggers, reviewers and industry people. We meet some incredible people and got to catch up with friends while working in a lot of marketing classes. All in all a trip to remember, we even got the chance to walk around the French Quarter, take a ghost tour, see Bourbon and Frenchman Streets and eat delicious food.

The work was not done there however, we got back home on Monday and ad to take off again on Wednesday of that same week to drive to Pryor, Oklahoma for Rocklahoma. This is a three day concert that we have done with our chainmail business (Poly’s Pleasures Chainmail) for the last several years. It is a fun show with lots and lots of great bands and interesting people. This year we broke our own personal best records. Unfortunately, we also got a phone call that kasi’s favorite aunt had been diagnosed with  cancer and was only being given 7-14 days left.

So, we finished the show and drove for home. We got home from that show late on Monday night and we on a plane for Michigan bright and early Wednesday morning.  We got to where we needed to be by late that night and she was able to spend most of Thursday and part of Friday with her before we had to rush back home to do a show Saturday night in Denver.

The show Saturday was fun but not as good as we had hoped and we learned on Sunday that her aunt had passed away on Saturday afternoon. We were happy to have gotten kasi there to say goodbye but sad that it was necessary. We wish you a safe and pleasant journey on the next step of your path, Aunt Marge. You will be missed.

We will luckily be able to stay home for a couple of weeks now as we get ready for Romcon here in Denver. If you are coming to this event be sure to set aside Saturday night to join us for the Chocolate Mangasm event. My ladies and I are hosting this event along with about 15 or so other authors. It will be a lot of fun and I will give you some hints of what to expect soon. I hope you all have a great weekend.



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