RomCon14 wrap up

23 Jun

Hello All-

We just got back from RomCon14 that was held here in Denver. As always we had a great time. We got to see many old friends and the chance to make some new ones. This year we were a part of the Alternative Lifestyles panel and were very pleased to see that it had about 60 people attend the workshop. Angel Payne, Jenna Jacobs, Ann Mayburn, Shannon West, Kasi Alexander and I were on the panel and we had the opportunity to discuss many aspects of various alternative lifestyles with the audience. A lot of great questions were asked and many prizes given out.

We had the chance to participate in the book signing on Friday evening and got the chance to meet with many new potential readers. Personally, I thought this years book signing was one of the best of the ones we have been in over the years at all of the RomCon’s. There were a lot of readers and fans and enough room to make the event comfortable.

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of hosting the Chocolate Mangasm event this year. We had a lot of help from many, many authors. In addition to the donations given by Pure Romance we had goodies given by all of the participating authors so we were able to raffle off 49 prizes, gift baskets and books. Lots of new games were played and a great time was had by all I think.

We were able to get some great advice on our manuscript for book one of our new self pub series as well. While it was kind of disappointing to hear the problems, it was exactly what we asked for and what we needed to give you all the best work we can do. We have to go back and tweak a few things, add some more romance and fix a few issues before we share it with the world. So, we will suspend the work on books two and three while we make these changes but are still planning on trying to have them all released before the end of the summer. We will be busting ass  on writing and will keep you all up to date on the progress.

We are working on the first issue of our newsletter. The game plan is to have it out in the first week of July and then to have one out every other month. If you have any ideas of things you would like to see in the newsletter or if you would like added to the mailing list (email) then let me know. We should have the sign up form up this week. You are also welcome to drop me a message at with your name, city and state and email address and I will add you on. We will be unveiling our new branding, logo and slogan.

Hope you all have a great week. See you soon.



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