Teaser Tuesday

8 Jul

From Naughty Ever After Hot Summer Nights, coming soon…

Chad opened his eyes slowly and painfully, wondering why his bed was suddenly so uncomfortable.

And sandy. What had he done last night, anyway? But the sound of the surf was louder than normal, and he must have left his windows open because there was a cool breeze blowing over him. He stirred, reaching for a blanket, and became aware that someone was lying next to him.

Then he became aware of something else. Water splashed over his feet and up onto his knees, then across his thighs.

Oh, God. He was naked. Not only was he naked, he was lying on the beach naked, next to a—he sat up and looked over. Yes, it was a woman. A pretty one, with longish brown hair. Millie or something, he thought, although he had no conscious memory of how he knew her. Had he cheated on Sandy?

The memory came back to him in a rush, making him nauseous. Sandy had cheated on him. Well, not technically. Technically she’d dumped him. Before that she’d probably cheated on him, though.

His head hurt. He looked again to see if the woman was naked, but he couldn’t exactly tell. She was covered by a red and white sundress, but he didn’t think she was actually wearing it. It was more or less draped over her.

And it was wet. As he looked at her, the tide sloshed over them both, higher than it had been the last time. The girl gasped as it splashed in her face, then spluttered, scrambling to her feet. Her dress slid off and she snatched at it, turning bright red as she hastily pulled it over her head.

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