Teaser Tuesday – Arresting Dominance, releasing on July 24!

15 Jul

Here’s a teaser from book 5 of the BDSM Menage Fantasies series, scheduled to be released on July 24 (and available now for preorder!):

As soon as the rope began going on, Allie could feel her body temperature rising. The chill of the night air seemed to lessen and a pleasant feeling of security and warmth settled inside her. She closed her eyes while they worked, allowing herself to sway slightly and knowing that the guys wouldn’t let her fall. It was her own little ritual: going deep inside herself, as if the bondage offered a structure to support her body while her mind sank into a deep meditation.

When her harnesses were set, they began to attach her loosely to the cross. Once all of the ropes were set they would lift her into place and tighten the supports so that she was held with her weight distributed evenly between the chest and hip harnesses and the tie points on her legs and arms. Then they would raise the cross into the air so that she and it were swinging from the large branch above her.

Time stopped and Allie allowed herself to float, barely registering the initial discomfort as the ropes were adjusted. She was finding that every time she did a suspension it got a little less uncomfortable. The first couple of times had been very painful, and she’d only been able to stand it for a few minutes. But with more practice her body adjusted, or she learned how to process the pressure, and she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of rope holding her up while she surrendered to the experience.

With some arrangements she was able to swing herself back and forth and spin, or have Brad and Karl spin her, and it was a playful kind of session, with them smacking her ass or tickling her.

This one was different. There was an almost spiritual connection between her and the guys as they silently positioned her on the cross, somehow adding to her internal focus. Her body was helpless and vulnerable, yet she felt secure and sheltered at the same time. They would occasionally stop and run a hand over the parts of her skin that were accessible, checking to make sure she was okay and re-asserting the connection between them.

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