A Goal Reached

31 Jul

Good Morning ALL

I tell you it has been an interesting week for us. One week ago, on July 24th our seventh book released. It is called “Arresting Dominance” through Siren under the pen name Cassidy Browning. This one is book #5 in the BDSM Ménage Fantasies series. Yes, it is set out at our favorite bed and breakfast in northern California, Clifftop Fantasies!!!

For this one we were finally able to have cops as our male hero’s and they get into some pretty cool stuff if I do say so myself, lol. For those who have never seen a Crafty Dom or MacGyver Dom competition then you have missed one of the truly lighthearted and fun events in the BDSM world. Anyway, our guys get to compete in one and you will not want to miss it. As a fun bit of pointless trivia, kasi and I won this completion when it was here at our local club a couple of years ago. It was a blast.

Anyway, with the help of all of you this release allowed usto meet one of our goals as authors. We managed to rank on two of the lists on Siren. We are currently #24 on the Ménage and More list and #45 on the Top selling ebooks for the past 7 days list. We could not have done this without the love and support of all of you, so from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!


I know it isn’t much of an accomplishment for many of our fellow authors who do this with every book but for us it was a first. We know it wasn’t an Amazon or New York Times Best Seller list but to us it might as well have been, We have been floating on clouds all week. It is amazing how something so simple as seeing your book on a list, any list raises your spirits.

So again, Thank you to all those who have supported us over the last few years, to those who have bought Arresting Dominance and put her on the list and to those who may one day join Liam and Jeremy and see how they do with Ginny and the Crafty Dom competition.

If you would like to check it out here is the link: http://www.bookstrand.com/arresting-dominance

As to other news, I am told our first newsletter has gone out and is hopefully being enjoyed by one and all. If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be, then follow this link to sign up:  http://eepurl.com/YVern. If you did get it and have suggestions on how to make it better please send me a line as well and let me know what your idea is.  You can email me at reggiealexander3@gmail.com and put newsletter in the subject line and we will take your suggestion under advisement.

Also, we are finishing up the last three shorts for book 1 of our new self pub series of erotic shorts from al of the NAE authors. It will be called Naughty Ever After Bedtime Stories: Hot Summer Nights. We hope to have it out before the end of August. As soon as those three are put to bed we will finish up our edits for Book 1 of The Masters of Striking Mammoth series which we will be self publishing this year and is titled Dominant Force and then can get back on book 2, Dominance Vengeance. This series follows the members of the Striking Mammoth, Colorado  BDSM community. Many of those members are on the Special Operations and Response Team for the police department. We are very proud of this series and are looking forward to what you al think of it. It is a joint venture between us and the amazingly talented Anna Riviera. Look for them to be released soon.

Have a great day all;


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