A new adventure in the new year

8 Jan

Hello all-


I know it has been a little while since we posted on here and I do apologize for that. The end of the year was full of activity and adventure as I am sure it was for everyone. We finished up our show schedule in late November and started to get ready for the holiday season. Unexpectedly we ended up with a hospital stay that kind of threw a monkey wrench into our plans for a few days when Treena had to have her appendix removed. She is doing much better now and life is back to our version of normal, lol.

We have the show schedule planned out for the first half of the year with some new shows in the line up. I will share the line up in the next post. But now I would like to tell you about an exciting opportunity we have been given. As many of you know, in addition to writing the novels that we love sharing with all of you we also have a family business making and selling chainmail jewelry and clothing around the country. Last February we did a wholesale show in Las Vegas where we had the chance to speak with some representatives from the Home Shopping Network. We discussed our interest in exhibiting our jewelry on their program and provided them with some samples and then we each went our separate ways. We hoped to hear back from them but didn’t hold our breath, as it turns out we don’t look that good in blue, lol.

Anyway, much to our pleased surprise we received an email from the Home Shopping Network in late November asking if we would be interested in being considered for the Valentines Day Lingerie special they were putting together. We were of course pleased and excited by the prospect and began negotiations with them as to what was required on our part. Well, as we all know nothing in life is free. As it turns out how it works is that we would need to work with them to create a 2-6 minute commercial which they would then air ten times over the course of the first two weeks of February. The commercial had the potential to be seen by approximately 35 million people.

During the course of the negotiations we ended up deciding to pas on the Valentines Day show in favor of the spring show. This allowed us time to bring our website (www.polyspleasures.com) up to snuff and to raise the funds to pay for the commercial which is currently out of our financial means. We have made an agreement with Flash Productions in Las Vegas to do the photography of the jewelry for the website. He does AMAZING work. I will add the test photo he did for us on the double stretch helm cuff to the website this weekend so everyone can see what is coming. He is to have it all done and back to us by the end of January.

Once we have them back I will get the photos up on the site for everyone to enjoy. Anyway, with the website work that we needed to do and the expense of the commercial, the spring show was a better option for us. To take a small business like ours from fun to successful requires the web site business to be taken from where it is now to the next level which is what this opportunity can do for us. So, we have created a Go Fund Me campaign to partner with investors to make this dream a reality. All of the details for the campaign can be found with this link  http://www.gofundme.com/jgilzg

We are not looking for charity or handouts, but instead in investors willing to believe in us and our product. We are providing chainmail jewelry in exchange for your trust and support. What we send depends on the size of the donation of course and is outlined in the campaign but it is anything from a thank you letter to a Fringed Heart top. Every donation helps and is appreciated more than we can every properly express but know that  each investor helps bring a beautiful, quality product from an ancient art form to the people of the world.

If you have every seen our work you will know that customer service and quality are two of the cornerstones of our business. We try to keep our prices reasonable and our designs fresh. We would love to share this adventure with each and every one of you. So, if you are looking for an investment of even a few dollars please consider our project. We are only running the campaign for the month of January so we won’t be bothering you all for too long, lol. We have been told that once the special runs we will get a copy of the commercial to use of the website so even if you are not in one of the markets it will be shown in you will still be able to see it on our site. Thank you for considering this project.






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