Exciting update on the HSN Commercial!!!

4 Feb

Hello All-


We here at Naughty Ever After hope you are off to a wonderful start to the New Year. A quick update on the Home Shopping Network commercial adventure. So far we have raised $550.00 with the Go Fund me campaign, (http://www.gofundme.com/chainmail). Thank you again to everyone who has contributed. We appreciate your friendship and support very much. We are doing our part as well. kasi and I sold our motorcycles and our entire team is working their tails off to make this project a reality. The commercial is pricey but we feel it is worth the risk.

We signed the contract for it today and have the taping date. The commercial will tape on March 14th and air ten times nationally to approximately 30 million homes each time and twice in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut market to approximately 3.5 million homes each time. The dates that it will air is between April 1st and May 5th and then we will have a copy of it for our own use. This is a big opportunity for us and we are getting the website, www.polyspleasures.com up to snuff this week. The photographer has finished his shoot of fifty of our pieces and we should have the images by Wednesday. So look for the images to be up on the website by Friday night.

I did get our show schedule up on our fetlife profile, our Poly’s Pleasures website and here on Naughty Ever After Monday morning. We have the first half of the year fairly well booked and some shows in the later half of the year. Many of the later shows are pending as those shows either haven’t chosen their vendors yet or don’t have the applications up yet but these are the one’s we intend to do so far.

Our show schedule will increase however due to a new challenge handed to us two weeks ago. As many of you know, when I left my long term career in law enforcement almost two years ago I ended up taking a position with an airline for the flight benefits. Unfortunately, that airline has chosen to outsource all of their Denver positions and lay off approximately 1200 of us. So I will no longer have that job as of March 21st. Now I could piss and moan about the unfairness of life but that isn’t my style. I have instead chosen to look at it as an opportunity to add more shows and the chance to get out to see more of you in person.

We are of course still pounding away at our books and should have the first two books in our new self-published series, “The Masters of Striking Mammoth” ready for release soon. We had intended to have them out already but I have been swamped and held the others up, I am sorry but again that will be corrected soon, lol. In my humble opinion, this series will be worth the wait, I think it is awesome!!!

If you know of a show that we should look into please drop us a line and we will see what can be done to add it to our line-up. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Go Fund Me campaign we invite you to do so, there are still two weeks left of it. Remember, if you invest in the project you get prizes, lol. Have a great week everyone.





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