The First Bounce

23 Oct

Bouncing with Babs

Oct 22, 2015


Hello one and all. Babs here and I have been asked by my humans to share our travel adventures with all of you. As you may know life has taken an interesting turn for us this year. We have taken our jewelry business full time baby! The humans got a 28’ RV called a Conquest 102 and we have been traveling the country non-stop since July. Here is a picture of our new home.

RV picture


Kasi is loving it and eva and Sir are learning to enjoy it. We made changes to the company as well. Eva headed up a project for the company to start a new line within our jewelry business for all of the things that we now carry that aren’t chainmail. We are calling the line our Wild Gypsy line and you will have to stop by our booth and see all of the cool stuff she has brought to the business. Since we are doing shows every weekend somewhere in the country it should be easier for you to see us live. They also changed the name to Poly’s Pleasures Jewelry to encompass the Gypsy line.

Anyway, we have been criss crossing the country and we have had the chance to see a lot of things we used to fly over. For example, did you know just how pretty Kentucky and Tennessee are? Well this little bunny didn’t but she sure does now. As it turns out they distill a lot of the drinks that Sir likes in Tennessee and we stopped at one of them a couple of weeks ago. I think he said it was the Jim Beam Distillery. I didn’t get what the big deal was but they all seemed to like stopping there.

Jim Beam Pic


After I was finally able to pry them out of that place we kept driving and eventually ended up in some place called West Monroe, Louisiana. Kasi was very excited and kept talking about the Duck Dynasty people. Who needs ducks when you have a bunny like me is beyond comprehension but you just can’t understand some people. Anyway, we dropped off some camo colored jewelry for the ladies of that family, I didn’t get any jewelry, just say’in.

You won’t believe what they did next. They took me to a haunted plantation in St Francisville, Louisiana. Someplace called the Myrtle Plantation. Let me tell you, it was a cool place but there are ghosts everywhere there. The lights flickered while we were there, we felt cold spots and saw shadows out of the corners of my little eyes. I was soooo scared even though it was daytime. The grounds were beautiful but looked like they would be scary at night. They have a bed and breakfast there but you sure won’t catch this bunny there after dark.

Babs myrtle pic


As if that wasn’t bad enough, we are headed to Houma, Louisiana this weekend for the Rougarou Festival. Now I don’t know about you but I had to look up what a Rougarou was and do you know what I learned? It is a French werewolf. Ok who else thinks that taking a cute little bunny like me to a Halloween, werewolf festival is a plan that can’t turn out well? Wish me luck. I hope to live through it and be back next week. Gotta bounce.



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