Bouncin’ in the Keys

28 Oct

Hey, y’all! Babs here, practicing my Southern accent. It’s been quite a week so far, between werewolves and water. First we worked a festival in Houma called Rougarou, which is apparently some kind of wolf/dog/man hybrid that roams through the swamps in the Louisiana bayou country. I didn’t like the sound of him at all, so I stayed in the RV while the humans did the show.

That turned out to be a good thing. The humans kept talking about someone named Patricia who had decided to come to Rougarou as well. I don’t know who this Patricia was, but they seemed to think she’d brought a lot of rain with her. Now, It is a well-known fact that bunnies DO NOT LIKE WATER, so when I heard the tell-tale pattering on the roof, I knew I’d made the right decision. The festival’s second day was cancelled due to “intense amounts of rain” and we high-tailed it out of Louisiana as fast as we could. I thought we were getting away from the nasty water, but it followed us all day Sunday and Monday as we drove, especially Monday. At one point I ventured out from under the blankets where I’d been hiding to see what was going on, but then I sure wished I hadn’t. We were going over a really (and I mean REALLY) scary bridge with lots (and I mean LOTS) of rain. The wind was so bad it was whipping the water below us into a frenzy and knocking the RV around so much we all thought we were going to land in the Gulf at any moment. I ducked back under the covers (as any sensible bunny would) and even the humans were so tense I don’t think they could hear my squeaks of panic.

But thank goodness now we’re safe and dry in Marathon, Florida. Funny how your perspective changes. A month ago I would have been terrified at the prospect of being on such a small piece of land surrounded by so much water, but now I can almost agree with the humans that it’s looking pretty much like paradise. It sure beats the snow and that horrible Patricia, whoever she was! Anyway, they’re all busy making chainmail for Fantasy Fest this weekend while I enjoy the sunshine and get my Halloween costume put together. I was thinking about going as an alligator, but after actually seeing a few of them on our trek through Florida, I think I might scare myself. So now, looking at the beautiful water here in the Keys, I’m considering a Merbunny. The tail might make it too hard to bounce, though. I’ll keep looking.

Gotta bounce. A nice fruity umbrella drink on the beach is calling my name. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Babs on the beach

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