Exciting news and additions

2 Nov

Hello all-

As we mentioned last week we are back and ready to get after things with a passion. In addition to getting the blog back up and running we have added someone to the Naughty Ever After crew. Our good friend Melena Valerian has agreed to help us out by running a fan page for us. We are working out the technical details and then she will be taking care of much of those duties for us. She will be running contests, having prizes to give away, interviews and Q-n-A sessions with each of us (including Babs – we just can’t keep her away from the keyboard these days) and much, much more. She will be posting some BDSM themed pictures and discussions as well. It will be a lot of fun and a great way for us in closer touch with everyone. Stay tuned for details of when it will be up and running and we hope each and every one of you will join us there.

In addition to the new fan page, eva has agreed to handle much of the social media duties for our company (Poly’s Pleasures Jewelry – We have branched out and in addition to the colorful handmade chainmail we have always offered we have added a second line, our Wild Gypsy” line top our inventory which has other types of jewelry and accessories that we now offer. Most of the new line is still handmade by us but isn’t necessarily chainmail. She will be expanding our reach through instagram, pintrest, and twitter to name a few. She has even agreed to help Babs start and run her own Instagram profile.

On the blog site here, we are going to keep our travel schedule updated since we have taken to being on the road full time now. So if we are in your area or likely to pass through your area and you would like to meet for coffee or have us join your group for an evening of discussions and fun drop us a line. We have been very fortunate to be invited to present at more events this year and if your group would be interested in having us stop by and facilitate a group discussion on any of the things we write about, the BDSM, power exchange or polyamory lifestyles, get a toy bag tour or just shoot the shit with us please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to meet new people in person and to exchange ideas with those people.

We also have Babs hopping with excitement to share her travel adventures each week with everyone. Who ever knew that little bunny would love to write a travel section? She has also become quite the fan of having her picture taken and then to share those pictures with others. kasi, eva and I will all be contributing to the Friday teasers and education portion of the blog.

Thank you all for sticking with us. To share a bit of good news that we just got tonight, our book “The BDSM Diet” has been nominated for the Nation Leather association – Internationals Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Writers Award. This book is starting to get some attention, in addition to the nomination two separate national conferences have asked us to do a workshop based on the book. We are very happy to see if coming into its own. We look forward to hearing from you all.



One Response to “Exciting news and additions”

  1. Melena November 2, 2015 at 9:55 pm #

    Hi all! Mel here, and I am so excited to work with Reggie and Kasi. Please be patient as we get things up and running. Something wicked most definitely this way comes! Please share with your friends, we know you will not be disappointed and I know Reggie, Kasi and Eva really appreciate all the help they receive spreading the word! We will post the link to the new fan page as soon as it is up and running so stay tuned! ~Mel

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