Bouncing to Louisville – Wizard World Comicon

4 Nov

Hello all, Babs here and I am bouncing out of the Keys and on to our next adventure in Louisville, Kentucky. This past week we were fortunate enough to come back for our third year of doing Fantasy Fest in sunny Key West, Florida. The weather was amazing!!! It was warm and partly cloudy and the turn out was great. Let me tell you, this little bunny has never seen so many adults in some of the most interesting costumes in her little life. I saw aliens, witches, monsters and lots and lots of body painted flesh. It was a lot of fun.

We stayed in a very nice place called Little Conch Key which is just north of Duck Key and so about 60 miles from Key West. We got to spend several days after the festival there recouping and enjoying the area. As it turns out however my humans are not very good at math. They thought we were supposed to leave on Tuesday morning but actually it was Monday. So they had to pack up and hit the road earlier than they had planned. All they had to do was ask me, everyone knows bunnies are good at multiplying. I took the first turn at driving, here is me behind the wheel of the RV, 🙂

Babs behind the wheel

So, as we drove out we got to drive up US 1 over many bridges and stretches of ocean. I asked eva to snap a picture for me. Here it is.

water in the keys

We are taking our time and are going a new way that we haven’t been before on our way to Louisville, Kentucky. That event is supposed to be a fantasy and comic convention. We haven’t done many of these so it will be interesting to see what happens. I’ll let you know what we see next week. Ok all I gotta bounce.



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