Bouncing to New Jersey

11 Nov

Hi everybody! Babs here. We’ve been on the road for the last three days, and now we’re in Edison, New Jersey. I’ve been looking as we drove through but I don’t see any shores anywhere nearby. Very disappointed. I wanted to meet Snookie. I’ll keep watching.

As you can see from the picture, we made a stop at Gettysburg on our way here. I was really surprised at how extensive the battlefield areas were. I’ve always thought it was just big field, but apparently, like us, the armies really wanted to explore the area as they came through. There were monuments and battle markers everywhere, and it took a long time just driving through part of it. Very interesting. I was a little worried about the gun in the picture, but Sir assured me it wasn’t real. I still made sure I was on the right end of it, though. I don’t like guns.
20151110_144159 1
It’s been very cold and rainy here. Thank goodness today is much nicer. New Jersey has lots of wooded areas, so I might go out for a nice, long run. The humans don’t appreciate the cool weather; they keep talking about how they want to go back down South. I think there’s a branch of my family around here somewhere, so I might go see if I can flush any of them out. You know bunnies tend to have big families, so I have a good chance of finding some relatives. The humans are going to be busy at some show they call EXXXotica here in Edison. Something about people taking their clothes off again. I don’t see what the big deal is. We bunnies don’t bother with clothes much—although I have to say I do like a good rope dress.

See you next week!

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