Bouncin in the Big Apple

18 Nov

Hello everyone, Babs here with this weeks update. Well let me tell you this was a busy week. We were doing a show in Edison, New Jersey called Exxxotica New Jersey. This was the second of the Exxxotica shows that we did this year and it was an interesting show.  They had a swing for me to play on and everything.

exxxotica NJ

So after playing on the swing with my sister, kasi I was hopping down the aisle when what to my wondering eyes did I see but a booth for a place called the Bunny Ranch. It sounds like my kind of place, the bunnies on the banner sure looked like they were having fun.

bunny ranch

Sir and I even got to do a live radio interview on Demon Seed Radio. Don’t I look good in the ear phones?

demon seed radio

So, after the show we took a quick side trip and visited New York City. It was a lot of fun exploring that city and the mass transit system was surprisingly easy to use and very efficient. It always looks scary to me on TV but it was fun in person. We visited our friends at Purple Passion, a store for grown ups looking for all sorts of erotic clothing and toys then hopped over for a peek at the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to take the boat ride around it to get a good look so it was kind of far away and hard to see any details. The buildings in the city were really cool to see and some guy even tried to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn’t think it would fit in the RV so I decided not to get it but I did take a picture.

broklyn bridge

We walked a lot during that day but it was fun. We hope to get to come back and spend more time there sometime soon. Anyway we are on our way to St. Louis now for the next show, Spanksgiving. It is a long way so I gotta bounce, see you next week.







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