Emotional Vulnerability

20 Nov

Good Morning friends, This is Reggie and I would like to discuss a serious topic today and get your input on how you handle emotional vulnerability, stress and depression. This year has been tough for many people including us. Up until about three years ago I was a police officer. I spent much of my adult life in that field and had developed survival skills to allow me to deal with seeing the absolute worst of humanity on a daily basis without letting it destroy me.

As with many in law enforcement I built shields within myself to protect me from what I dealt with and saw. I would suppress the emotions the job raised and crush them down deep within myself and pretended they didn’t exist. I kept a very tight hold on the lid keeping all of it trapped and isolated within myself. I was very good at doing this as are many on the job. Unfortunately, this leads to the misconception that cops are cold, unfeeling robots who are insensitive and use black humor that most don’t understand.

These misconceptions are not true in most cases, they are just the tools used to protect ourselves. Anyway, I left the job after 16 1/2 years and at that time I was asked to change my ways since I no longer needed to keep myself at a distance from the world around me. I was asked to lower the shields and let people, my partners, my family, my friends inside. To allow my relationships to get closer and more intimate. I spent some time and managed to do exactly that.

Up until that time I had always been a tough guy who lived by the principal of if you get hurt,emotionally, physically, whatever, you picked yourself up, rubbed some dirt in the wound and walked it off. You soldiered on, you didn’t whine about it. You didn’t let it slow you down. You didn’t even acknowledge it any more than absolutely necessary.

After removing the tools I had always used up until that I started to find that it was harder to  just get up, rub dirt in it and walk it off. Since I couldn’t suppress the emotions but instead had to experience them like everyone else I have been kind of at a loss of what to do with them. I struggle with developing proper tools to deal with emotions, stress and depression.

I have found a couple of things that help such as a grounding exercise to help me let go of things and a meditation technique using a symbol and sound combination but they only work about half of the time. So I would love to hear from you, my friends and those who I would like to have as friends if we don’t know one another yet, on what techniques and tools do you use to deal with depression, stress and emotional issues. Do you rely on pharmaceuticals assistance? Do you have a meditation technique that helps? Do you have an exercise in energy work that makes it easier to deal with life? Does it help to discuss the issues with others or does that just make it worse? Do you know of any other self-help skill that may benefit us?

I have really come to understand just how important it is to deal with these things in a healthy way since they effect not only us but all of our relationships. It impacts our loved ones, our families, our partners and coworkers. So, if we all chip in with our tools and experiences maybe we will all gain something from the topic. Thank you for your time and input. I wish each and every one of you a great weekend.



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