Bouncin to the Rock and Roll Beat

2 Dec

Hello all, Babs here and let me tell you I am so happy to be in sunny Florida instead of at home in Colorado. They have been getting pounded with snow and very brisk temperatures. I am a summer kind of bunny and not to fond of that fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky. If anything if going to fluffy and white around here it is going to be me and trust me, cold I am not.

This last week we did something different for us and we spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Destin Florida instead of at home with our families. Let me tell you it was a lot less crowded than normal. Do you have any idea what it is like to organize a dinner for my family? It is a crazy task because they breed like rabbits, ha ha. Anyway, it was really weird to be away from our loved ones but we took the time to start our new family traditions, like taking a holiday walk on the beach. When what to my little bunny eyes did I see but Santa being pulled by eight dolphins plus a red nosed one. I could hardly believe my eyes so I asked Sir to take a picture for me to share with you all.

santa dolphin

So after the holiday we headed east and are holed up in Jacksonville, Florida until Monday. We are working our little paws to the bone trying to make enough new shiny pretties to have for the show we are doing on Sunday called The Big Ticket. Sir said it was a concert and we should have a good time. Well, I gotta bounce on back to the salt mine before they notice I slipped off to chat with you all.









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