4 Dec

No decorating, no baking, no wrapping presents. As I write this now, I’m wearing a sundress and sipping a frosty beer. No boots, hot chocolate, or snowmen. Not here in Florida anyway. I’m not complaining, in fact, I’ve really grown tired of the cold and snow of what seems like an endless winter back in Colorado. Give me long walks on the beach, and sunshine in my face any day!

As you may know by now, we don’t have a home base. We travel from city to city in an RV. It’s been an amazing adventure, but with the holidays approaching, I find myself really wanting a home.

This is the time of year for family and friends. For acquaintances we’ve forgotten. We haven’t seen our biological families or our friends in months, and it we won’t anytime soon. Will they forget us? I can’t help but notice that some of my friends don’t call or text as much as they used too.

The tree. Growing up, we would always drive for hours to the mountains of Colorado, hike in the cold and snow for what seemed like hours, my dad and uncle in the lead, all of us kids staggering behind, and whining. They were on the hunt for that “perfect tree” and we were not going to head back down the mountain until we found it. Later, in my adult years, I learned that my dad and uncle always carried a thermos of hot chocolate and schnapps. Not fair! It’s no wonder why the cold didn’t seem to affect them! We had huge vaulted ceilings, so our Christmas tree was always massive. Decorated with tons of twinkle lights and an eclectic array of ornaments. A mixture of which were store bought, and various class projects from my brothers or myself. The same tradition was to be carried out years later, when my son was growing up.

This new chapter of my life means it’s time for new traditions. Last week when we were taking a walk on the beach, we saw Santa’s sleigh being pulled by eight dolphins. It was adorable. I can’t wait until we are settled so I can embrace the southeast decorating style, like it’s meant to be. I can totally see myself putting twinkle lights on the palm trees in our front yard. Awaiting the arrival of family and friends, to celebrate the holidays. This year though, I’m not sure what we will be doing. And that’s ok. I know it will be special, because I’m with those that I love.





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