Bouncin’ to a Nudist Christmas

18 Dec

Hello all, Babs here with this weeks update on our travels and adventures. Sorry it is a few days late this week but we didn’t have very good internet connection. This past week we were in Biloxi, Mississippi for Geekanomicon. We got to the area a few days early and Sir and kasi finally got to play a round of Frisbee golf. They seemed pretty happy about it but I didn’t see the appeal since the course had this sign.

Biloxi - sign

Maybe it’s just me but if you have to fight alligators and snakes for your Frisbee then you are playing in the wrong place. I did hear Sir say that it was the second toughest course he had played. This bunny on the other hand would rate it right up there at the top. Alligators, I don’t think so.

Anyway, we did the show over the weekend and unfortunately it was a pretty slow show. It might just be the time of the year but it did give me time to try out my fashion sense. What do you think? Does this helmet make my tail look big?

Biloxi - helmet

I also got the chance to chill with some new friends (you will note that none of them have big pointy teeth. Keep that in mind alligators if you want to be this bunnies friend.)

biloxi - chillin

We ran into some old friends and made some new ones, that is a really cool part of doing all of these shows. We get to meet some of the most interesting people. After the show we headed out for Dawsonville, Georgia for our next show. It turns out it is just north of Atlanta. This one is a Christmas event at a nudist resort so it should be a “reveling” experience. I doubt we’ll have any pictures from it but have no fear, I will let you know what happens? How will Santa stay warm on his trip there? Gotta bounce, see you next week.









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