Merry Christmas!!

23 Dec

Hello all – Babs here, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

We’re in Marietta, Georgia, this week, where it’s a little chilly and rainy, but nothing like it is back in Colorado! It’s much easier to hop through a little rain than a lot of snow!

We have a tentative show scheduled for New Year’s Eve here in Marietta, so we’ll probably be staying here until the first of the year, and then we’ll be bouncing back toward New Orleans. I never thought Louisiana would be my kind of place, but I was totally wrong. I love it there! I’m pretty sure the humans feel the same way. They seem to have some idea that something big might be happening there next year. I’m not sure what it is, but we’ll be sure and let you know if it does!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Georgia, too. And Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas… pretty much every place we’ve been in the South has been wonderful. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Carolinas and Virginia as soon as we get the chance, too.  We got to get together with some old friends and some new friends while we’ve been here in Georgia, and that’s been a lot of fun (with some amazing Greek food thrown in – lots of veggies!).

But this week we’re pretty much hunkered down by ourselves, getting over colds and things and preparing ourselves for a  HUGE 2016!! We’re enjoying the peace and rest, and getting to focus on each other for a few days. It might not be a traditional Christmas, with a tree and lots of presents and a big Christmas meal, but as long as we’re together it’ll be a wonderful Christmas and a great way to wind up a truly eventful and life-altering year. Here’s to family, friends and loved ones! We wish we could see you all, but since we can’t, know that you’re in our hearts and we’re wishing you the best holiday season ever! XOXO



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