New lessons for the new year

26 Feb

Hello all, Reggie here, sorry it has been a while since I have checked in. It has been an interesting start to the new year. We spent much of the month of January in New Orleans. We started out doing the Wizard World pop culture event and then waiting with our friends, the Airship Isabella crew, waiting to hear about a huge opportunity. Well that opportunity has not come to pass as yet but all hope is not lost. It is less likely it will happen now due to elements outside of our control but we will wait and see. If it does happen it won’t be before summer now.

Anyway, the crew of Airship Isabella graciously hosted us during our time in New Orleans and taught us many of the traditions of Mardi Gras. We got to see one of the parades and caught many beads. We learned that it is considered bad luck to pick beads which have been thrown but not caught from the ground and the joys of karaoke at a small neighborhood bar frequented by the locals. We saw that it is common place for home owners to decorate their fences with the beads they catch and if you have never seen it, it is a cool sight to see all of those strands of beads waving in the winds all up and down the streets.

Another thing the crew taught us was how to get registered with central casting in New Orleans. As it turns out, many films are made in New Orleans and Atlanta and we got the chance to be in a few of them. I had the opportunity to play a US Military Officer in the New Jack Reacher movie, “Never Go Back” featuring Tom Cruise. I am just in the back ground but I got paid for the day of filming and it was a cool experience. I had to get my hair all cut off, but it was worth it. I haven’t had hair this short in years, lol. kasi also got to be a paid extra in a movie, “Bad Mom’s League” with Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis. In fact, she had gotten picked up for two more days of filming this upcoming weekend.

Since we had intentionally not booked many shows during the first half of the year due to expecting to be busy with the big project we had to scramble and fill our calendar when it got delayed. We now have all but about two weeks filled between now and the end of May. It started by going to Las Vegas the first week of February for Sin in the City. It is the fourth year for this event and we have been honored to be a part of it every year. This year we got to be presenters again as well as vending. We got to do a panel on our book, “The BDSM Diet” and it was very well received. If you haven’t checked it out, it is a program to use negotiated relationships to accomplish any of life’s goals. It is up for an award in the Leather Community, we hope to hear soon if it won.

Anyway, we then headed to Florida for two shows and got to stop and see several friends along the way. The first show in Florida was the Midwinter Naturist Festival outside of West Palm Beach. This was a nudist show and the weather kept it from being as good of a show as it could have been. Everyone always asks “Do you have to be naked to vend at those shows?” The short answer is no, it is encouraged but not required and through all of the nudist shows that we have done I never had the guts to try it. Well, I decided to not waste the growth opportunity and finally did try it for about 15 minutes. I do not have a great image of myself so this was very uncomfortable for me but I forced myself to do this and am glad I did. It let me prove to myself that I could do it. My ladies were very supportive and I appreciate them for it.

We then shot across the state to Fort Myers and did the Edison Festival. It was smaller than expected but ok. Who knew that they have had a festival in the town of his winter home for the last 70 years or so. You learn something new every year. We are now almost back to New Orleans for a small art market show and for kasi to do her acting work. It has been an interesting trip back due to the severe weather here in the south this week. We holed up in a hotel Tuesday and Wednesday because the winds were just to much for our poor RV. I am glad we did because the tornado that hit Pensacola skipped right over us and touched down less than two miles from us. We had no problems but many places near us did.

Since the last time I talked with you all I have spent a lot of time thinking. We went through the holidays, had growth opportunities and face a new run of shows that may determine the future of our business. Through it all I have learned that if I stop being angry about my new life and accept it and those who have stuck with me that it isn’t as bad as I made it out to be. The ladies and I have gotten closer than ever and are working toward a common goal and we have learned that by utilizing the RV as it is meant to be used that it really isn’t too bad most of the time. I still like to stay in hotels every so often for a long, hot shower instead of the quick shower we get in the RV but all in all it is ok. We have a busy few months ahead of us but I have our schedule up on the site now and if we are in your neck of the woods please drop us a line and we would be happy to stop for coffee and a chat. I won’t take up any more time and want to wish each of you a prosperous 2016.



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