Howdy from Kasi!

4 Mar

Hello from New Orleans! By the time you read this we’ll probably be on the road, but as I’m writing this I’m sitting at the table in the RV looking out over our beautiful view: a neighborhood bar called Grit’s and a dog park. I do love being able to watch dogs play while I work. And the weather has been gorgeous–the grass is getting really green, flowers are blooming, and temps have been mostly in the 70s. 🙂


So last Sunday I got to be an extra again in the new Christina Applegate/Mila Kunis movie. It’s not terribly exciting work but it’s fascinating to watch the process. You always think of the big stars as being demanding and self-important, but the few I’ve been able to observe so far seem extremely professional and patient. I guess you have to be to get this far in the industry. That was especially true of Christina Applegate, who was coughing all day . She still switched right into her character when the cameras were rolling and I would never have guessed she wasn’t feeling 100%.

Reggie got to be a naval officer and march in a second line funeral parade for an NCIS episode on Tuesday. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, like I wasn’t until recently, the “first line” funeral is for the family, and the “second line parade” is for anyone else who wants to come and march in memorial.) Not sure when that episode will air but it’s called “Second Line.” Apparently he’s marching right behind the stars, so he should be fairly easy to spot.


We’re heading to Garyville, LA tomorrow for Frisco Fest, an arts and crafts festival at San Francisco Plantation. Then we’ll be off to Dallas. So if we’re crossing through your neck of the woods on our travels, shoot us an email ( or and we’ll see if we can get together!

Happy weekend, everybody!

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