Bouncin’ through Plantations

9 Mar

Hello all, Babs here. This week we are traveling from the New Orleans area to Dallas, Texas. We just finished doing a show called Frisco Fest that was held at the San Francisco Plantation. Let me tell you, that was one beautiful house. We didn’t get to bounce through the inside of it but the grounds were very nice, the scenery was impressive and the weather was awesome! The show was slow but you can’t win them all right. Anyway, here is a picture of the house.

San Francisco Plantation.jpg

We camped out in the RV in the parking lot of the facility during the weekend. Sir likes to take walks at night before calling it a night and he told me that he thought he saw a civil war soldier walk between two of the pillars the first night we were there, very scary stuff. This little bunny sure didn’t go looking to see if he was right. Anyway, after the show was done we meandered up plantation trail and saw Laura Plantation, St Joseph Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation along the way.  It was kind of pricy for us so we didn’t take the tours this time but I did try my hand at some photography so I am not in the photos but the houses and signs for them are.


The first one was Laura Plantation. I liked it, it had another bunny on the sign and he looked kinda cute.

Laura sign.jpg

They also had a pretty old looking building that we could see from the outside. Here is what it looked like.

Laura Plantation.jpg

We then passed the St Joseph Plantation. It looked like the film people were shooting there that day so we couldn’t get to close but here is what it looked like from the road.

St Joseph Plantation.jpg

Finally we saw the really impressive one. It is called Oak Alley and it looks massive. We walked around the outside of the grounds and took some photos.

Oak alley plantation.jpg

Not too bad for this bunnies first photo safari. These plantations were all from the mid 1800’s and were originally sugar cane plantations. I guess that’s why they all looked so sweeeeet. The weather continues to be very pleasant and we hope the show this weekend is a good one. The humans said they were going to try and get some smaller versions of cute little old me to sell at the booth along with some of their books. So come and say hello if your in the area and get a Babs of your very own. Gotta bounce.






















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