Bouncin’ in the Lousiana Outback

16 Mar

Howdy all, Babs here and this week we started out in Dallas at the South Plains Leather Fest and now are heading to Lafayette, Louisiana for the Arcadia Pride Festival. We have been attending SPLF for many, many years and this year they had us present a class in addition to vending. The workshop went very well and we got to see a lot of old friends throughout the weekend which is always great.

Anyway, as we were heading to the next show we hit a couple of detours due to all of the rain they have been getting in the south for the past week. Let me tell you, there is water everywhere and a lot of roads closed. Sir even pointed out a wild boar that was dead along the side of the road, crazy stuff. He said he had seen a lot of road kill in his life but that was a new one even for him. Personally, I could have done without seeing it.

As we drove along we stumbled across the Creole Nature Trail which is also know as “The Louisiana Outback”.

creole nature trail

I didn’t get it at first since I didn’t see a single kangaroo but we did see a ton of turtles and twenty-seven alligators. They were right there along the road where any innocent bunny could get hurt. I hid in the back of the RV, kasi was awfully excited though. For some reason she really likes seeing those things.

alligator LA.jpg

The scary beasties aside we did get to do something cool. We took Bertha (Our rolling palace) on her first ferry ride. It only lasted about ten minutes but it was pretty neat.

ferry LA

So after the festival this weekend we will get a short break and are heading back to Denver to take care of a bunch of appointments and personal business. It will be a busy week and then we hit the road again to start the summer run. The humans say it will be a very busy couple of months and I guess they are right since they seem to be working like crazy to get ready for it. I will keep you up on where we are and what we are doing but for now I gotta bounce.




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