Goals, Success and Happiness (according to Kasi)

18 Mar

Every family has philosophical viewpoints on which they agree to disagree. Right? Well, one of ours is about goal setting. Sir’s viewpoint is that it’s better to set high goals and work as hard as you can to achieve them, not accepting defeat.

Now, while I agree with all of that, I also feel that you have to deal with life as it comes to you and be as happy as you can. The problem with that, according to Sir, is that if you allow yourself to be happy with anything less than your original goal, you will become complacent and quit trying. He feels that if you try hard enough you can achieve anything.

This is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. I’ve read things on both sides of the fence: accept everything that happens to you, live a simple life, be peaceful and satisfied. Or set goals, work hard, learn to manifest everything you want and live an abundant, prosperous life.

So which is better? I don’t believe that being happy leads to laziness, and I also enjoy (very much) the life of traveling, working hard and seeing how much I can achieve. But I also want to be as happy as I can with life as it happens, without feeling like I have to fight and struggle. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t mind having a lot of money. I can think of all kinds of things I could do with it, like going on cruises, setting up scholarships, helping other small businesses and struggling writers, that kind of thing.

Money isn’t important for its own sake. I can live very cheaply (just ask my partners!) but I would love the opportunity to work on exciting projects and travel to fun places. At least at this point I don’t think I’d really feel satisfied staying in one place and living quietly. I love traveling in our RV, doing different shows, seeing different parts of the country. Money is tight sometimes, but I for one am enjoying myself hugely. We may never get rich doing what we’re doing, but as long as I have the people around me that I love, and work that I enjoy, and the opportunity to see cool new places, I will consider my life a success.



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