Bouncin’ Away from SNOW!!

6 Apr

Hi all, Babs here! I know that most bunnies like cold weather, but I have to admit that I am not like most bunnies. I really enjoyed spending the winter in the South. It was wonderful. We’d had like three cold days in New Orleans. I was thinking we’d almost escaped winter altogether–then the humans announced we were going back to Denver.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Denver. It’s a great city. In the summer. March in Denver can be nice, but of course they had a blizzard the day before we got there. And a few snowy days afterwards.

But we had some really nice visits with friends and family. And the weather did finally get nicer, so thankfully we ended up not freezing to death. I enjoyed hopping around our old stomping grounds for a little while, but now I’m ready to be on the road again.

So we left on Monday after Reggie did his civic duty (whatever that means) and got the heck out of town before it started snowing again. We’re heading to St. Louis this week for a really fun show. I don’t know what the weather will be like there, but even if it’s chilly, being with our people will make it worth it. Then we get to head back SOUTH to Louisiana, (yay!) where spring is definitely underway by now. Yummy sweet grass and flowers, good music, drive-through Daiquiri bars (although they don’t seem to make lettuce flavored Daiquiris)…mmm, can’t wait!

The humans have promised me no more snow this year. They’d just better be telling the truth!

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