Bouncin in New Orleans

20 Apr

Hello all, Babs here. Sorry I didn’t get to post last week but we were at a show that was out in the swamps of Louisiana with no wifi signal.  I don’t know what my humans were thinking but let me tell you it was spooky for this little bunny. The people were very nice but the weather wasn’t. It rained a lot and the wind tried to blow me to Kansas. The camp ground where the event was at was a beautiful area but all around it was the scary swamp, here is a picture evie took of it, doesn’t it look creepy?

springfling swamp

Anyway, once we were done with that we hopped on back to New Orleans where were are seeing our good friends at Airship Isabella. Let me tell you, if you haven’t looked at their stuff you are missing out. They are some of the most amazing steam punk and leather artists out there. Not only do they sell their goodies online and at shows but they did all the leather work for season one of the TV show, “Into the Badlands, season one”. You can see some of their work at .

This weekend we hope off to Jacksonville, Florida to start our adventure on the Worlds Loudest Month tour. It will be five weeks of crisscrossing the country doing some of the best Rock and Roll concerts events of the year. My humans have been working like wild animals making stock for the run and have lots of new goodies to be seen. They have even been making a new line of lace chokers that are very cool. Be sure to stop by and see us when we are in your neck of the woods and try one on. Well, I gotta bounce, so much to do and so little time…see you soon.





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