Kasi’s Deep Thoughts – Life is Like Learning to Ski

22 Apr

Hi there! This is Kasi, and I want to share some of my philosophical musings with you. As a caveat, if you’re not into “wu-wu self-help stuff,” you might want to skip this post and wait for a more mainstream one.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for metaphors to describe the anger management techniques I’ve been reading about and working on for the last few years. This metaphor occurred to me this morning, and I kind of like it.

Life is Like Learning to Ski

So you’re on the slopes, and you’re not very confident in your skiing ability (like me). You are looking down the hill at all of the things that could trip you up, make you fall, crash, or lose control. Your instinct is to go very slowly, carefully controlling your movement so that you can avoid all of those pitfalls. The last thing you want to do is to just fly down the hill willy-nilly. You’d break your neck, right?

Well, I think life is kind of like that. You have to accept that you’re not going to be in control all of the time. You can’t avoid the parts that look dangerous, and you can’t always take them at a pace that feels comfortable for you. If you want to accomplish anything, you’ve got to learn the best techniques you can, then just go for it and allow yourself to feel a little out of control. If you fall down a few times, that’s okay. As long as you get back up and try it again, eventually you’ll develop the confidence to know what you can and can’t control.

I know I’m using the word “control” a lot here, but the thing I’ve struggled with the most is the feeling of trying to control the things that I don’t like. I feel like if I allow things to happen that I don’t like or approve of, they’re going to destroy me. I’ve got to resist, fight against them.

That’s where the technique comes in. If you try to clear away all of the little obstacles in your path, you’ll never get anywhere. It’s possible to fly right over them instead of stopping to fight, but you’ve got to develop some speed in order to do that. And speed feels like loss of control. But the more you allow yourself to risk not fighting whatever you think is trying to attack you, the easier it will be to fly over it.

I hope that makes a little sense. I’m still trying to put together all of the various techniques and philosophies I’ve read about. Thoughts?

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