Bouncin’ North

11 May

Hi all – Babs here!

I have to say that the Carolinas are just as beautiful as I’d expected them to be. We had some tree-related vehicle issues in Georgia (the tree won) and then a flat tire in South Carolina (we won), so we were a little distracted from appreciating the scenery for a little while. (Except Savannah, which was absolutely gorgeous, even the hostile trees.)

The festival in Charlotte (Carolina Rebellion) was a lot of fun. We got to see (well, hear anyway) some great bands and even got to meet a couple of the band members!


This is a pic I took of Reggie with Alice Cooper’s guitar player, Ryan Roxie. So cute!


And here is Reggie with the members of Baby Metal.

If you want to see more of these pics, watch Reggie’s Facebook account (Reggie Alexander) or look for Poly’s Pleasures Jewelry on Instagram.

So anyway, we’re now on our way north to Somerset, Wisconsin (I hope it’s not as cold as it sounds!) for Northern Invasion. We’re having a great time on this tour!

See ya next week. Keep cool!

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