Bouncin’ to Oklahoma

1 Jun

Hi, all – Babs here.

I know I missed the last couple of weeks so I wanted to give you a quick update. We’ve been doing lots of shows this month, as you know. We’ve been to Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Columbus, Ohio, one of my favorite towns (lots of yummy plants, not too hot, no alligators–at least that I’ve seen. Those nasty things can be hiding anywhere, though, so you can’t be too careful!), and Pryor, Oklahoma.


All of the shows were fun and fairly successful (except for a little rain and some COLD weather), but I’m kind of glad it’s over now. We’re currently chilling in Marlow, Oklahoma (a place that’s starting to feel like home) for a few days while we try to take care of the dents in the RV that were left by the tree in Savannah. Reggie did a really good job of patching it up but it will be nice to have it actually fixed.

Next week we’ll be heading to Denver to get ready for Denver Pride. That’s always a good time. We’ll get to see a lot of people that we haven’t seen much over the last year. I just hope the weather is nice! We’re getting kind of spoiled with all of the nice weather we’ve enjoyed this winter.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Memorial Day. We’re enjoying our week off, relaxing, visiting our favorite uncle, cooking some of our favorite meals and getting more stock made. Oops, I think I hear a piece of razzleberry pie calling my name. Gotta bounce!




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